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My Gears 5 complaints (there are a lot) TC have ruined Gears!

Wow where do I even begin. I guess I should probably explain that I’ve played Gears from the beginning and put thousands hours into the series and played thousands of games on every single game with the exception of Judgment because that game was utter trash.

I’m a highly talented multiplayer player and I’ve never been one to get on the wall-bounce esports style of play I hate that (going slightly off topic there).

The multiplayer on Gears 5 is utter garbage what the hell have they done to this game, it’s basically like playing Call of Duty.

The ranked matches are nigh on impossible to win unless you have a serious competent squad of 4 as a minimum, but ideally a full squad of 5; as you regularly come up against stacked teams of full squads and playing King of the Hill in ranked leaves you with almost no chance against these groups with the way the weapons are tuned and the new utterly ridiculous flash-bangs. It is sickening getting flashed multiple times in a row on repeat its just like I’m playing Call of Duty (VILE).

More on to the weapon tuning… Gears of War 4 pretty much had everything perfectly tweaked damage wise towards the end so why on earth did they decide to throw it all out of the window and come up with the crap that they’ve thrown into Gears 5, nearly every weapon is OP af. The Gnasher is doing massive damage at insane ranges, you can use to to take someone down with 2 shots from very far away and it is absurd (The Gnasher needs a damage reduction either at range or entirely). This leaves you unable to push any section of a map or clutching when you come up against 2 or 3 enemies which are nearby to each other. This again is where they have made the transition to create this stupid Gears of Duty game they’ve devised. Basically it seems that whoever lands the first shot get the kill especially with the absurd damage that the lancer does which is almost like an automatic sniper if two or more people are shooting at you, you peek your head up for half a second and you’re already down. The Gnasher fights are super boring and you can seem to quick aim any more in hard left trigger aim even on max sensitivity the left trigger aiming is incredibly slow… as someone that grew up using that play-style its horrible to even attempt to move away from it.

Yes I realise that will be a polarising point for some of you guys reading this and you’ll just tell me to shut up get on and adapt or to not bother playing it but they are pushing away loyal fans from this game with the absurd changes they’ve made. The damage omen they have put in is horrific, You cannot see properly or tell how damaged you are its awful.

I felt most of these issues on the tech test and I’m pretty sure that loads of people also voiced these complaints too so I can’t really fathom why they didn’t take any of this feedback on board.

The match making leaves a lot to be desired as it still allows people with horrific pings to enter servers that they shouldn’t be anywhere near. My ping on average on Gears of War 4 was between 10 and 23. In the best server I’ve found so far on Gears 5 I’m sitting at around 36!!! Why? And more to the point how do they allow people with pings of over 100 (often over 200) into servers where 7 or 8 players are <50. There is nothing worse than having a high ping player sponge multiple shots and then one shot you the rage it induces is unbelievable and nearly every single server has at least one of these laggy players.

Get rid of the Flash-bangs, they are IMO one of the the WORST additions to the game, really sucky game design especially with the overpowered Lancers.

They sucked all the fun out of the Multiplayer, and they’ve basically done this to cater to casuals and groups who spam lancer fire. This is probably my favourite gaming franchise, and one that I have played religiously since it launched and while I understand that they wanted to expand their audience of the game all they have done is destroyed what made this franchise and multiplayer great… never mind the Call of Duty monetisation they’ve added in. The amount of characters missing from the launch game is crazy… of course they will be added in later as paid characters or complete some absurd challenges to keep the game population high to unlock them. No new characters in the Tour of Duty currently just silly skins which I couldn’t care less about (these ruined previous games).The Tour of Duty and Medals are a hell of a grind for absolutely nothing special. The shocking fact they didn’t even bother to add the characters that show up in campaign is laughable. This game technically hasn’t even been released yet as we are in early access and I can’t believe how bad it all is.

7 launch maps too for multiplayer, are you kidding me? You could have at least bunged in a few of the decent Gears of War 2 or 4 maps as extras to bulk up the numbers instead of some of the shockingly designed new maps with the high ground points for everyone to lancer down from into the middle of the map…

Thank god this came as part of Game Pass and I didn’t part with any additional money for it.

Some of the spawns are horrible too and way too close to the power weapon pick ups, I really don’t like the weapon re-spawn cool downs either; why they felt the need to change them and increase the durations too I’ll never know.


I’m struggling with ranked. I’m pretty much a solo player and I’m sick of going up against stacked teams game after game. I’m getting downed from with 2 shots what seems at any distance yet it’s taking me 3 to 4 just to down someone. I’m looking at the kill cam and there shots are way off yet I’m getting blown away.

They really need to sort this BS out or at least give you the opportunity to back out at the lobby.


I don’t understand these bragging points. What does any of this have to do with Gears 5? Are you afraid someone is going to question your ability or allegiance? Judgement did some decent things, game was bad overall but I put on par with 2 in terms of quality.

Also, I have played all the games. I’m not really good at them, but I have fun. Never bothered with a Seriously. Never maxed my rank. Judgement was actually the only title I reupped in any MP video game ever and I only did that once. It’s just a game, nothing to make a resume over.

Don’t be that guy. Just because you’re good at a video game doesn’t mean you know what’s best for the series. It’s a bad argument and this really makes you come of egotistical and narcissistic. It really makes you come off as “elitist” even though you’re insulting the elitist players. If you’re good, you don’t need to worry about telling us you’re good.

You mentioned you played all the Gears games for thousands of hours excluding Judgement, my question is how did you react to Gears 2? Remember the way it launched with the shotgun literally shooting the floor in front of you? Remember the introduction of stopping power and how long it took them to balance it? Remember the smoke grenades everyone spawned with that would literally knock you to the floor and give the person a free kill? Remember the insane sawed off in Gears 3? Remember ink grenades? Remember active sniper downs? Remember glitching out of maps? Remember the Skorge and Kantus buggy models? Remember the torque bow that could ricochet off of 4 walls, land 5 feet away from you and still gib you? Remember 2 piecing?

The game just launched dude. There hasn’t been a Gears release apart from Gears 1 that didn’t need numerous tuning updates and balances. You’re focusing on things that can and will be adjusted. While I agree with your criticism, I think focusing on server stability and progress bugs are #1 on the list (as they should be). All the games have had their issues that caused people to say Gears is dead and they screwed it all up. I remember when TDM was pushed the execution elitists said that it was becoming a game like Call of Duty and that they were catering to casuals. Things always look great with rose tinted glasses, but nostalgia is not accurate.


Honestly I agree. Most notably the lancer requires tweaking and the damage omen definitely needs to not take up my entire screen so I can actually continue to see what I’m doing after I’ve been shot. Not sure if it’s just me but I find the movement mechanics absolutely terrible, movement feels slow and clunky and I really struggle to play to be honest.


Its different and taking time to get used to, but im really enjoying it.

The lancer feels great and its actually a lot more useful in this game. This definitely feels like it requires more teamwork than 4 . I do sometimes confuse terminators for humans , but I did the same in 4 with the deebees.

I think the changes are good so far and make it fresh. I dont feel like this is just gears 4 MP all over again. It feels like a good direction. IMO.

I am on the fence about the damage. When youre getting shot the omen takes up a lot of the screen and its hard to see whats happening.

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Solo vs premade is also common issue for most MOBA. It means the game is now lacking enough players or simply bad matchmaking design.


Man it’s crazy everything ‘s been ■■■■■■ up from the very beginning … can’t see my stats / collectibles . Can’t see nothing . Try to play campaign with my buddy and it keeps logging off …


The only part of this post I agree with is that the damage values are too high and health is too low… tweaks definitely need to be made there because competitive feels like core from GoW4…

As for stacked teams… ummm yeah what did you expect to run into in ranked? Find a squad or just play quickplay., very simple solution. Ive managed to lose but still get MVP a few times against stacked kids. I like the challenge personally, but some teammates are utterly useless so when I get tired of the L, I just find a squad.

I dont even mind the flashbangs tbh. I just roll backwards and be ready to shoot. Smoke stuns are no better.

This game has potential, if you guys would adapt to the changes and quit whining,.

Imagine the tuning fixed, with balanced matchmaking, maybe even party size filters and EXECUTION added. They can make this work, seriously the games NOT bad… different yes, but not bad.


And also … in the campaign at some point in act 2 you gotta kill a flock in order to move forward . I killed the think but one of the nemesis was stuck in the wall so I had to reload the checkpoint . That happened twice lol. Another thing is the game does not save well . I made it to act 2 chapter 3 . I exit the game and come back later I had to do act 2 chapter 2 all over again

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Same here, it’s ridiculous that you can’t even play campaign properly.


What OP said plus 100


The worst part of this is that the game crashes randomly, It freezes like Gears of War 4, All drivers and BIOS up to date. Fortunately the entire PC didn’t freeze completely. Tried the game on Xbox One with Game pass ultimate. I was planning to buy It on Steam because MS Store stinks, poorly download manager, lack of backup the game files, forcing me to download again if I need to format the Windows located on SSD, no matter if the game is on the D: secondary drive…


Definitely agree about ranked, stacks rule and always have.

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You cannot judge matchmaking until the games officially out. The pool of players is small, there’s no point worrying about it now. Wait for the full release then let’s see

For me is just a basic thing, since day one, after 20 minutes of gameplay, my PC freezes, only a hard reset to leave this situation, not even the task manager shortcut responds.

CPU: i56600K/RX 470/ 8GB ram, latest AMD (19.9.1) driver optimized for Gears 5 installed.

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Does anybody believe we’re playing on dedicated servers? This game is horrible. Glad to see they changed nothing. So disappointing!


Git Gud stop moaning. If you struggle maybe analyse why that is maybe your getting outplayed??? or maybe you just need to play smarter.

You sound like the type of player who instead of looking at himself blames the game. That guy killed me waw dude this game sucks when in reality you just got outplayed . This in terms of quality is one of the best overall Gears games top 3 easily.

1#Gears 2 - #2 Gears 1 # Gears 5


How do I play smarter when point blank don’t kill the enemy. But I get bodied from any distance. Just cause you probably have a good connect doesn’t mean everybody. Open your man pull your head out of your butt.


Not hitting your shots dude

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Haha your a tool