My Gears 4 Multiplayer Highlight Reel

I’m not sure if this is the best forums to post this, but it’s a fun video to watch! I’m not the greatest Gears player but I have my moments. These are those moments!

This is an actual good montage man. Way better than those typical wall bounce and no look sniper ones we see 99.9% of the time


Agreed, very entertaining

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Just finished watching it on my lunch break, and I must say this was a good montage man I enjoyed watching those plays. I like to see outplays and not just a crackhead wall bouncing his huevos off, now I’m hyped to play some gears only the 2nd half of my shift left to go lol

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The problems I’m seeing are:
-there’s no 20 sec intro with username graphic and electronic music.
-there no rap during the gameplay.
-you don’t have a 3 letter clan tag on your name.
-there’s no mad wallbouncing.
-no longshot blindfires.
-you used a lancer.


Any montages or otherwise should be posted in the share videos and livestreams thread which can be found here.. TC doesnt really want to see standalone threads of any gameplay videos unless its pertaining to demonstrate game issues or whatevever rather than posting creative videos to self promote.

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Thanks for the comments, everyone. I had a fun time putting it all together :slight_smile:

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Thank you