My Full Review of Gears 5's new Ranking System

I don’t want to be rude but do you see to lack the knowledge on how other games work? Maybe you only play gears or haven’t played other games Or maybe ones working ladder systems? Faker was literally scouted through soloQ. Dota 2, League, CS, SC2, Overwatch, CS, you name it, all have team games in them, but all have had players scouted from soloq where they play the offical team mode.

Playing SoloQ doesn’t mean you don’t know how to play as a team, it means you are highly flexible in playstle and can adapt to multiple situations and carry your way to a high elo, so WITH a team you would be even better. That’s why many top level esports pros have been scouted INSIDE team games, playing soloq. Because they carry vs other teams AND are flexible playing multiple roles etc.It’s hugely important to a games eco system that SoloQ players can play and improve their elo whilst playing the same gamemode the teams play on.

But I feel like I won’t convince you or you just don’t want an actual chat and your just here to try put me down.
Again, you seem to want to discredit me based off my past for some reason, when we are discussing Gears 5 which is odd.

I don’t get this whole “no pressure” thing as if thats a way to act like the hard man online? I’m hear to help gears, not fight petty battles on forums. Most people can fathem why a healthy soloq is important.

Anyway, just for giggles here is me playing with Juurdan in my GB team , “a top player”. Here is me sniping fitzer in a doubles to win one of the ladders that year, here is me chatting with prankzy about old times and mr mayday and the good fun in ranked from 2006. So I’m no pro player, but I’ve been about a bit and that was my statement.
“I’ve played since 2006 and have played with and against top players”.

I’m done with this petty back and forth, if you want a chat about the game, I’m happy to chat. But leave the personal attacks etc out of it.


My popcorn is ready.

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To be fair, if you matchmake solo you always get paired with players that have to look into the instruction manual everytime they want to boot up their console and google search “Help my screen is black I just want to play them vidyagamz” without realising they need to turn on their tv first.

But as an example: Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the best footbal players in the world and is treated as such, because he is individually outstanding. If the team he’s on loses he’s still individually treated and judged as an outstanding player. He suddenly doesn’t become a third class player because the teams he’s on are losing.
The ranking system is gears 5 treats you only as a part of a team no matter how good you perform personally, just because you decide to solo search for games and can’t win because of poor teammates. Thats why the best and worst player on a team can still finish with the same amount of GP, which is absolutely idiotic.

Playing stacks is no big deal for me but you should be able to gain back your “match cost” by playing well and proofing your rank. If you play bad you go down but if you perfom according to your skill level and lose the game, your rank shouldn’t move at all.

Imagine calling someone a random in 2006 and now almost 2021. You must be heading onto 30 if you played GoW1 in it’s peak and you are on a forum calling people “randoms”. Yeah, I’m done with this topic.

Can the mods get the discussion back on track about Gears 5 and less about this childish insulting.


This… x10,000

I dunno what data the devs were looking at, but from my experience very rarely do I, or anyone in the KoTH ranked matches I play, get 80+ kills in a match, ESPECIALLY if the match does not go to three rounds.

If you absolutely stomp a team or most of the members quit, while you’re in Diamond or Masters rank, you will absolutely lose GP, unless you try farming.

This change to 1 GP per elimination was not well thought out.


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Is there a reason ghost you are deleting out posts in regards too him lieing? I mean I was banned for posting information that was deemed false.

The guy is posting inaccurate information then calling for help when he got caught out. The whole post should be locked and deleted or the forum should be able too see he’s a liar.

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It is against the forum rules to attack other users. That is the reason I am moving the posts.

If you disagree with his feedback that is completely fine, but you don’t need to attack him to do so.

I get that you think he is lying about his credentials. I have no idea whether he attended lan events or not. That isn’t up to us as mods to investigate (nor do we have any tools to do so).

For what it is worth, I do know that he has been playing since 06. I have had many arguments with him on the old Epic forums, Will Kinzlers Facebook wall amongst other places years ago.

But ultimately whether or not he (or any other user) has played for 14 years or a few weeks they still have the right to give constructive feedback on this forum.


I don’t feel I was attacking him, especially as he has now gone onto twitter too mock us for questing what he was saying, it’s almost like the kid that cried wolf.

Essentially he said he was a top player in gears and a veteran too which I questioned and he lied. That’s like the police asking you a question in an interview you lieing then crying for help from the judges?

I mean the fact he’s gone away onto another social platform too mock the people commenting calling him out on his lies shows by intervening and not removing the whole post maybe your supporting his actions? That’s how I’m interpreting now.


You have even posted on the twitter page that is mocking us. What more can I say.

I’ve read all of your comments, I can objectively say with no bias, you are like others on this board who like to snub people and dunk on them when theyve made a concentrated effort towards the game. You’re just here crying telling people not to listen to him. You have any idea how out of touch you sound, dude?

Just stop, you’re embarrassing yourself, and THIS is what I’m talking about when I say the mods don’t care. You aren’t saying anything conducive, you’re just being a jerk. Sorry we never competed at the lan tournament in your mothers basement, I dont think I had a car or drivers license back when gow1 came out so I guess I cant sit at your lunch table with the cool kids.


Yes they will need to adjust the buy in price now. I mean they SHOULD.:joy::joy: The solution is never really a solution , though, huh.

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I watched the video and I agree 1000%. Main reason I stopped playing.

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Thanks watching and voicing your thoughts!


I posted saying how disappointed I was that people would rather come on here to trash people than give constructive feedback. Which is a perfectly reasonable postion to take.

I notice you neglected to point that out, or specify anything about what I had actually posted, instead implying that my post alone was evidence of some wrong doing on my part.

If it was, then you wouldn’t have hesitated to screenshot it and post it. Please just stop. If you want to be constructive and be a decent community member I will show you the same respect I have shown to the OP.


Attending lands doesn’t mean anything.

I was #1 in warzone in the og gears for like a year & in gears 2 but my opinion isn’t valid because I didn’t play for semi pro?

Nobody ever remembers us anyway. People surpass you or glitch & on to the next gears.

It’s just a game. Just trying to make it better, if no one listens okay, but it’s out there…

Being in lans isn’t the pinnacle of gaming. Just means you showed up in person.


I’d like to see a lower entry fee for gold. Why does it double from Silver? We stomped a team the other day and it was over so quick I ended up with like 30 GP.

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I hope they will raise the caps and lower the GP cost a little from Gold tier and up. It does feel grindy.

Fk 5 stacks bro lmao im tired of playin a 5 stack of ppl who dont speak a word of english with their atrocious ping… Part that pissed the most is how you said you went from i cant even beat the game on casual to gettin masters! Bro ppl like me have beat every gears on insane an camt get passed d 3 for almost a year cuz this game sux so hard