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My Full Analysis of Gears 5

Jumping right into it, I’m pretty disappointed so far but that seems to be the common opinion on here. I’m going to explain why I feel this way. Starting off with everything they did right followed up by their wrong doings and my conclusion thereafter.


Adding more options to customize your gameplay with Blood Splatters, Emotes, and different executions are great subtle ways to innovate enough to make things different and fun while keeping the game true to itself. Plus it gives us reasons to grind levels and unlock new items. Dear God lets hope they don’t put all this content behind a pay wall. Ideas like Tour of Duty keep us playing the game opposed to getting bored with repetitive matchmaking with nothing to unlock. That’s how you innovate without changing the game too much whereas you upset fans with too much change,


To my understanding the season pass will be free to all who own the game and or have it downloaded on game-pass. This is great for consumer reasons and it keeps the player base strong because everyone has all the maps. I did read somewhere suggesting the idea of select maps being added aside from the free season pass that will cost money but that was a rumor. I also read that all items will be unlocked via challenges and leveling opposed to the horrific loot crates and in game money system Gears 4 had. They definitely took a big step in the right direction for their fans. Noted; you can still spend money in game for items but its not RNG so you know exactly what you’re buying. Big thumps up here.


Honestly if they took Gears 4 and all the improvements I listed above and that was Gears 5 then it would have been a major improvement while keeping the game true to itself. Too bad that’s not the case.


What on earth were they thinking? The movement is atrocious. It feels very heavy and slow. I am getting stuck on walls and noob rolling constantly when I should be sliding, Often I will simply run parallel to a wall and it will randomly zap me into a corner. This is largely due to how dense with cover both maps are (presumably the rest of the game). It makes the game feel so annoying to move around. Like I’m fighting against the map just to reach places. Gears 4 was never like this. A major step backwards in movement. Arcade mode is just a more amplified version of this. I know why they did this and I will address that point later on.


Am I playing Black Ops 4? Because every single weapon is incredibly powerful. Everything can kill you from almost any distance. I’m even downing people with the Auto Pistol from midway map distance… WTF?
They added a few new weapons and weapon variants which is okay and keeps the game fresh . But they are not balanced at all. All weapons must A) Have to be fun to use. And B) Must be balanced
They’re all pretty fun to use and feel somewhat gratifying. But they demolish your enemy too easily. For example; Picking up the Auto Pistol to me is basically having 2 primary Assault weapons. Combine the Auto Pistol with the Lancer/Gnasher and I own every distance I can realistically shoot at. Why is this classified as a pistol? It freakin owns everyone I shoot.

I appreciate the effort to add recoil so using assault weapons takes a little more skill so people can’t laser enemies from across the map but too bad you ruined that idea with making all the weapons super powerful and the recoil isn’t intense enough to where it actually throws my aim off. Console and PC alike. You can fix this by adding way more recoil or keep it the same but reduce the damage by a thousand…seriously
Again, I know why they did this and I’ll explain later.


The Gnasher deserves it’s own segment because the game revolves around it.
I really appreciate the pellet marker on every shot so we all know how many pellets actually hit. This provides better feedback in gun battles and gives the player better knowledge on enemy health instead of guessing. TOO BAD they ruined that by making the Gnasher incredibly powerful up close with almost no mid to far range damage. Combine that with only 6 shells and were back at every Gnasher battle being a Gib kill or a 2 shot just like Gears 4 that everyone hated but even worse because were all constantly reloading during battles. Despite all feedback that we gave them; why did they do this? For the 3rd time I know why and I will explain later on.
Not too mention the sponging is back. Now granted, its NO WHERE near as bad as Gear UE or Gears 4. For the most part it felt very consistent. Even upwards of 99% of the time which is actually making it hard for me to complain about. However, there definitively were occasions where my shots sponged. I will admit this was exclusive to high pinged Mexican players so I’m not really concerned about sponging but I though it was worth noting.

Side note; Why are we still connecting to Latin American countries? (Predominately Mexico)
How many threads were creating in the past 3 years complaining about this?


Not even going to talk about this


It’s pretty obvious what’s going on here. And it’s tied with that final point I said I was going to explain. Literally the driver behind all the mistakes I talked about above have to do with Gears 5 being completely catered towards brand new players that suck.

Yes, the slow movement, over powered rifles, 6 shot Gnasher, Dumb game modes like Arcade. Everything wrong with Gears 5 has to do with making it easier for new players to jump in a kill vets that are obviously better than them. Right off the bat I can tell the skill cap is much lower in Gears 5 with all these changes. They’re doing this because Gears 5 is on game-pass so they think it’s smarter to dumb the game down to a more user friendly environment to boost its player base. On paper this might sound okay but they’re so many things wrong with it.

First off, you’re completely disenfranchising your veteran player base by giving us an everyone deserves a trophy type game. That type of mentality is so disheartening to players who stuck through this franchise THICK AND THIN

You tried to do this with Gears 4 by having Core and Comp tuning and everyone HATED IT
So why are you still trying to cater towards two entirely different groups of people.

Your Veterans are the ones you should be catering your game to. We are the players that stuck with your franchise. New players come and go all the F-ing time. You’re not gaining a larger player base by ruining your game to make it easier for new players to get kills. Wanna know why? Because at the end of the day better players are still going to cream new players when ever they want. All you accomplished was making it more annoying for us to do it,

The tech test showed me that New players were still all over the place. None of them stuck to just Arcade mode that was obviously made for new players, I still found new players in KOTH and Escalation. And I still found Sweaty players in Arcade mode. So making these changes to try and please both communities isn’t working and never worked. How did Gears 4 not already show you that?

In a nutshell you made permanent changes to help please the outlining case of people that ultimately won’t even stick with the game , Because if they did, they wouldn’t need a dumb Arcade mode or horrific dumped down mechanics to know whether or not Gears if the right game for them. What a slap to the face for players who have been here since Day 1

I’m tired of dumping my time and money into this franchise to be 2nd on their priority list.
You should making your game around US instead of a small amount of people who only tried your game out for 5 minutes because it was F-ing free on game pass. New players are going to play it for 5 minutes, get creamed by people who’ve been here since day one and your horrible changes made to the game mechanics isn’t going to help them play better overall or persuade them into being apart of this franchise. They’re going to get frustrated and leave. So the changes made were pointless and you pissed off your real fanbase with these changes as well.

I’m more excited for Modern Warfare… And that’s a low blow.
This was real criticism just as much as a rant. I want to read everyone else’s feedback.

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