My friends stopped playing Gears 5 already

I usually had a group of 5 playing Gears of War 4 for the last 3 months as we all got ready for GOW5 and after a week most of them are fed up and don’t want to play until some changes come in. It makes me sad, but also slightly salty. Not at the Coalition, more so at my buddies. I never expect a game to have a perfect launch, and I don’t expect weapon tuning, service stability and all of the game features to work seamlessly within said launch. It hasn’t been that way for the most part of the gaming industry for a while now.

I remember Gears of War 4 didn’t have the best launch, for example people hated the gnasher on release. But it got better.
Anyone else’s group dip out on them?


Mine too. Including myself. Honestly the game is unplayable IMO. The skill gap is too low and it’s too easy with hardly any learning curve at all. Everything has been said and repeated over and over so I don’t need to go into it.


What you mean is you kept losing so you made that up to rationalize being beaten by someone who, as you see it, can’t actually be better than you.


An unstable launch is why this game should not have been released. Day 1 people reported bugs that should have been caught with a simple playthru of the campaign, like achievements not unlocking or collectibles disappearing. Multiplayer lobbies glitching out and dropping people from games. Hit detection failing to register. It is these blatant mistakes that show TC doesn’t care. They’d rather push a game out with bugs than delay release by a month. The Tech Test taught them nothing to fix for the full release.

I’m waiting for them to fix bugs before I jump in but I might be alone by the time I start. I’ve already seen a lot of diehard Gears friends bail. 3 got their money back (which after game sharing equals 6ppl not playing now). 2 aren’t renewing game pass. I used to have at least a dozen ppl on my friends list playing Horde regularly. Now there’s 1. Which is weird because I was getting gears 4 Horde invites as recently as 2 weeks ago.

I see people in multiplayer, but only a few grind like before. A lot of them hop on to other games, some even ask me if they can come play what I’m playing.

The whole thing is really weird. I’m still a longtime Gears fan so I’m here regardless of what happens with Gears 5.


I used to have people on 4 even but they left because they couldn’t unlock skill cards then they never came back my one friend I played with quit 4 mostly but I can get him to play it sometimes :slight_smile: But my previous friends from 4 aren’t buying 5 or playing it now. I have seen 3 people on my list I don’t talk to much play it but just story so far but they don’t play it long from what I can tell.

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The opposite for me. Lots of friends who never played Gears much are playing 5 a lot.


this game sucks. honestly. a lot of the people i played gears 3/4 with don’t hardly care for this game. Its too clunky, slow and really doesn’t take any skill.


Main problem with gears 4 was weapon balancing easy fix. Main problem with gears 5 is movement and I can Invision that never being fixed. It’s a shame for me as a big gears fan, I’ll move on to halo infinite to get my arena shooter fix and leave the gears 5 fans to it, although they probably will give up within 6 months, leaving the game dead.

I got about 40 people on my list that stopped playing already

He’s right, the skill gap is too low. It’s not rocket science to see such. In a typical match, everyone constantly dies over and over. In gow1, 2 and 3 I’d see game after game a couple of players surviving entire rounds due to a lengthy skill gap being present, and I’m talking raw gameplay, not power weapon camping

I uninstalled gow5 last night due to such. Everyone is always a milisecond away from death because that’s how the game has been designed. Long gone are the days of relying on my trusted skill on gow3, for example, where I could run a map on my own due to trusting the game’s mechanics to allow me to outplay opponents. Gears 5 is so limited in comparison with ol’der titles because of this

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Don’t believe that for a second.

Please explain how this game is limited compared to older titles?

Believe it or not doesn’t really matter. My friend list is not playing Gears 5 no more. Got about 7 people playing

30+ people playing different modes, from campaign to Escape, Horde and Versus.

For the first time ever I’m seeing people that are playing GoW that never had interest in this franchise, watching PowerZ, Glintt, Landan and other pro players to learn movement and game mechanics etc…

That by itself is amazing.


Because it’s pick up and play-levels of easy. Those who have never been interested in gow will give this one their time due to its lack of learning curve

My bro used to enjoy watching me play gow3 because of the blatant wow-moments seen in doing so, yet he saw me playing 5 recently and immediately said how boring it was because of lack of contest due to aim-assist, the spread of the gnasher, and how it lacked any character because of such

What I’m getting at is that new players will most probably give this game a thumbs up because they can grab easy kills upon first playing. Whether totally new to gow or a struggling player of the older games, to a large majority who fit that list this game will be golden because of such, yet to those who loved and understand why gow1, 2 &3 was so unique, 5 is almost a joke

Gears of War multiplayer was always supposed to be a marmite-like taste/opinion, in that some will like it but the majority won’t, or is indifferent, and that’s perfectly fine - that’s what gave the series its identity. So to take all that was much beloved/unique and instead distort and chop it up for the mainstream to be able to digest, while still having the title ‘Gears’ as a selling point, is not right and deserves huge critism

@Mortaigne - apologies for breaking into a rant in my reply to you

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Devs please fix the aim and fix the setting like you did with 4 saying gears or 2 or 1 settings

Looks like you guys dropped the ball again, sad really.


Sadly apart from Campaign…i have no desire to grind it out on this version ! Horde /Judgement. They killed horde Escape once is enough on that vs. Good lord is like some cartoon On overdrive. I am thankful to own all the true gears of war installments . Think i will stick with them.

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Definitely need to add a few older maps to attract old gears players like gridlock, blood drive, canals, etc. I am somewhat of a new streamer and have been streaming this game and even tho the total viewer of gears is low, my channel has been attracting alot of new viewers.