My first montage

This is my first YouTube video and it’d mean a lot if you guys would take a chance to check it out🖤If not, I understand! Any likes, comments, constructive feedback, subs, or even hate would be appreciated💪🏻 Thanks in advance!


Those were some sick plays man and it looks like you were able to pull out some nice movement too! Vid had a nice groove!

I thought the editing was pretty good and synced nicely with the music, but a couple of things that could make it real slick would be to experiment with the timing of the music with the intro and outro (with the idea of creating a stronger sense of rhythm even when the music isn’t playing if that makes sense).

Of course there’s not one way to do that and it’s somewhat subjective. I have a few suggestions (more like options) to consider if you’re interested in hearing them, but I don’t wanna info dump on you or I come across as being critical in not a good way haha.

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Appreciate it man! And yea, I tried to get the music to sync up as nicely as possible. That’s definitely a flaw I need to iron out. I’m open to any constructive criticism you have man!

No problem, it was fun to watch!

I liked the intro animation and I thought once the montage got going with the music, the gameplay clips were synced up pretty well. My thoughts below are mainly in regard to the beginning and end clips without the music.

I think a couple of general questions that could help narrow down how you approach syncing with music is ask if you want music playing the whole time or want some moments without the music for a dramatic effect. Though you may not know until you start putting together the edit, which is totally valid. There’s definitely not one way to go about editing.

So like if you want music playing the whole time, you could start the music when the montage starts (after your intro) or during the cross fade. You can also experiment with these for the outro transition too. This can also help you avoid having awkward/unintentional blank audio spaces in the video.

If you’re thinking about having some parts where the music isn’t playing, you could try time the sound effects/quiet spots so they have a rhythm that works with the music. If there are big dips in volume, you could try tweaking the audio in those spots so there aren’t empty spots when transitioning to/from the music and the gameplay unless it adds to the moment or flow/vibe you’re going for.

One idea that could work either way the montage starts would be to try a j-cut so the music/sounds start just before seeing the montage (kinda overlapping with your intro audio) to spark momentum while leading into the montage. If done well, it’ll be pretty seamless.

At the end of the day, these are some things to consider and experiment with. Keep having fun, find what you like and what you think serves your videos best!