My first montage- gears 5

Used my new cap card for gears 5 tech test… put together this little montage… lemme know if you like it, hate it, or are indifferent…

I watched 2 minutes. I’ll be honest. It wasn’t all that great in my opinion. Not necessarily because of the lack of content, but because of the abundance of nothing.

A good montage should be nothing but action. No standing around waiting for the next kill. No roadie running unless it’s in the middle of or related to a fight you’re in. There was too much of that.

This is one guys opinion of course. Don’t let it deter you from making more montages. I’m not discounting your skills or anything I’m just trying to give constructive feedback on the montage itself.

Maybe someone else will chime in.


Practice makes perfect. I made mashups of trailers for a while, and after a year I learned how to better mix sound, transitions and background music.

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Thanks kitten, much appreciated, I need the constructive feedback. Really appreciate it. You missed my epic triple torque then, last guy I shot in the foot mid roll lol.

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Thanks lizard, I’m new to all of this so all of the advice is much appreciated. I’m old school and I don’t like politically correct culture. Nothing is gonna offend me and I’m asking for advice lol. Thanks so much you rock dude. I’m gonna take everything you guys have said into account on my next one. I have a lot more footage too so it was probably laziness on my part, of not wanting to watch hours and hours of footage. Its a lot of footage to review lol. If it’s gonna be worth a watch though that’s what I’m gonna have to do.

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Yeah I might give up my forte into this lmao, or instead label the clips much better to organize them. Right now they are just dates and times of gameplay so super hard to sift through. Either way thanks for the advice man =)