My first boss rush horde in gears 5 on the rail line map master difficulty = aggressive enemies


Keep at it man! The best content creators upload consistently.


Big respect. Glad to see someone actively enjoying the game and recording tbh. Wish Gears had a higher demand though :frowning:

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thanks, the only problem in horde they screw up the fab, why put health on it, you cant even beat it on solo mode lol



People have done it before.

I think Turner did it once

enemies breaking the fab when i play as gunner on boss rush, damn wardens lol

Correct. He did it as demolition at least on Rail Line

I watched part of your run. Why didn’t you put your TB on the weapon locker ? It seems you had TB build (without stun card) and it is your best weapon compared to a mace.
Good to see that there are still players on BR mode and outside of this damned blood drive

i just love picking up ammo instead of the locker, plus it gives my team mate less stress on their part lol

I joined a BR on asylum a couple of weeks ago as a BM, had 2 demos and 2 tacts.

It was a complete shitshow, the amount of gls getting fired at nothing was disgusting, it was like someone lit a fire inside a fireworks factory.

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Yes I understand. Unfortunately (or not sometimes) it could be a bit like you said.
I did one or 2 games without GL (one Tact and no demo) but it was on Blood drive where there is no kestrel.
GL fest is not always necessary but I can’t imagine a win on a random BR game without at least a demo or a good tact and always a very strong CQC class.
I have a very low win/lose ratio outside of blood drive and rail line.
In any case, GL all along and for everything shall not be mandatory. A good coordination is more efficient …
Did you play a random game ? 2 tact and 2 demo in a team is a bit unusual.

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Yeah i always play with randoms, what made it worse was when i would try and kill the filler enemies i would get hit with a salvo of gl spaming and constant screen shake.

I was a case of “oh look an enemy lets all 4 of us shoot rockets at this 1 enemy”

Think i left after the 2nd attempt.

Maybe the best move in that particular case. I think I would have done the same if I found myself with 2 demo and 2 tact. It is really not necessary and without synchro it will lead to a fail.
Usually I also avoid a BR where there is a slugger. This is usually synonym of a bad experience.