My few takes on Gears 5 ....PVP,Ranking system, Gameplay, ETC

Okay fellow GOW players, Where to begin? I been a fan of Gears of War since GOW 1 first dropped. It was by far one of the best games I ever played. Gaming PvP for a decade or two, I kinda know what I’m talking about. I have played Gears 2, and 3. Just to be disappointed , And just pissed how trash they turned out. Tweaking down,and changing gameplay to please complaining kids, and trash players because there were getting owned so hard . Too much that It lost the magic of what made GOW in the first place. Didn’t want to play gears 4 ,and waste more time and money. The hype was ridiculous on this Gears 5 release. So I thought I’d give it one last try.
First I will start with the Ranking System. Whom ever thought of this “Ranking System” should punch himself in the face. What rank are you bro? I’m a silver tier 1 in the 20% percentile.Let’s see the numbers!!! How about real stats I can actually see where I stack up in the world. Everyone is curious about who is in top 10? The top 100? Then Matchmaking drops a whole potential match for a one player drop. could be better there. Especially in a ranked match where it gets stuck for 5 mins. Ok. Let’s Lancer over to some Gameplay. The meat and potatoes. Not too bad. But not the greatest either. If you ever used the sniper rifle it’s handles kind of wonky. Getting down in the back with 2 shotgun hits from 20 feet away while I’m running is terrible. The flash grenade should blind you, but not freeze your hand movement. And above all else. The Holy Grail , The Wall Bounce! Sorry to say in Gears 5 it’s just not up to par. Its now more of a glorified jump than it is a tactical maneuver that we fell in love with in Gears 1. You get a critical hit being flat footed standing there not moving than actually moving around and wall bouncing trying to make the opponent miss while you get your shot in. In other words in a shotgun battle, being "Instantly able to get a shoot off any direction while jumping off the wall. " In closing, Please Bring back Gears 1 wall bouncing shotgun mechanics. Add the secret sauce back to the recipe that made Gears the fast action, blood pumping game it once was. And what started the Gears franchise in the first place . It’s 1 easy update patch away ! Please make Gears GREAT AGAIN!!!

I don’t think its as bad as everyone feels it is. I was on that side of the fence. I gave the game a chance. changed my control settings and I was flying through people. last night I went 33 and 5. I clutched a 1 v 6. im not new to gears. im a die hard gears fan since day 1. im not amazing at the game but im pretty good. the shotgun has been fine with me. there are definitely improvements but I like the weapons as they are. I haven’t downed people so easy all the time but if you get 3 shots you will knock them. ive actually had a lot of shotgun battles. with a few even bouncing around each other to get that perfect shot. you can tell who got this game’s wall bouncing down and when you do its OP. it feels good not always relying on the shotgun for everything. although I did clutch it with the shotgun along with the help of my lancer to keep them at bay until I was comfortable fighting. this game feels very team based. you definitely know when a team has it down. im not saying your wrong im saying maybe it isn’t so bad and when they do change it we wont know what we had until its gone. Im more than fine with them fine tuning everything though. The ping problem has to be fixed asap.

Ok. Anyone getting paid to debunk Gears 5 bad reviews please don’t reply.