My Feedback to Gears 5

Hey i really love the new Gears game, but it also has things which i really dont like.

First of all i dont like that the chars has their own role in the MP. I like to play all the time one character (golden Gear) and im changing my role from time to time, depends on my mood. So the new system sucks in this point. Was a nice idea from you guys but i have to say, nope i dont need and dont like this! If you guys stay at this system and you gonna add the Golden Gear to this Game than make him a Tank please (Lancer + gnasher)

Second is, remove the stupid explosive ammo! You find it so seldom in the Game which makes those weapons really useless, especially the new Lancer which is really awesome with the grenades, which could be more than just 3 - maybe 4 or 6 would be better.

The Story ist awesome for now and finally alot questions from the old games get answered, which is really nice!

I dont say anything about the bugs now, because its still early access and im sure they will be gone soon.

If i have more to say, i will come back to this thread.

I hope i gonna read something from you!!

Great Work Guys and dont stop.

Greetz leech✌️