My feedback of gears of war 4

FeedBack :

After having played each Gears of War there is I drew a lot of conclusions, I won’t list
here all the negative points of the game but rather the improvements that should be
brought to it.

Gameplay Improvement
Improve the performances of the servers and their tickrate beacause the game
online does not look like the game on LANs.

Increase the aiming aid, a bit like on Gears of War 3, so that the game is more

Increase the damage of the snub pistol by a fourth of his actual damage, reduce
strongly his range and increase the speed at which you can grab your pistol so
that ut can give the damage and the security needed at middle range and that
neither the lanzor nor the gnasher can give.

Delete the « Inner/Outer Dead Zone » and « aim acceleration » options in
the settings of the controller.

Give the possibility to customize your sensibility on each weapon available in
multiplayer, to improve its gameplay.

Increase the speed of the slide to a wall for a faster game, wtih more fluidity.

Delete the animation of the movement of the shotgun during a slide to a wall
because it causes random shots

Increase slightly the range of the shotgun.

Delete the shaking of the screen when a smoke grenade explodes.

Ranked Improvement

The localisation of the server should be the one closest to a majority of the
players. (For exemple, if on 10 players you have 6 americans you’ll want the
chosen server to be american.)Now if there’s an equality, chose the server
closer to the players that have the worst connection.

– The point system in ranked has to change this way :

  • A victory inevitably gets you a set amount of point.
  • A defeat inevitably removes you a set amount of point.
  • If the player is on a winstreak ( respectively on a losestreak ) he wins (res.
    loses) an extra amount of points.
  • If the player wins against better ranked players (res. loses againt lower ranked
    players) he wins (res. loses) an extra amount of points.
  • If a player leaves a placement game the defeat is given to him and him alone
    (not his team too).
  • If a player leaves a ranked his team loses less points if they lose, and they win
    more if they win.
  • The leaver loses even more points than he would normally have and if he
    leaves a game again he gets banned for 1 day, and if he does it again for 7 days,
    and eventually if he still did not undersant he gets banned for the season.
  • Put a system that is fair when you play as a team (if two players are
    searching for a game together, then they can play against a team with tops 2
    player that searched for a game together).

All this may seem illogical or even impossible from the point of view of a
developper, but from the point of view of a player that loves this licence and that
wants it to improve there’s a sens.
I’d be delighted to get your thoughts or even to shed some light on some of the
propositions I made.

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This kid rlly made a PDF document essay about his feedback. Wow A+ for effort bro

I don’t know how to take this comment :sweat_smile:


have you read ? What do you think ?

I agree with most of your points, good read.:+1:

oh thanks, with which you disagree?

The camera shake with smokes, otherwise smokes would be useless

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maybe to reduce the opacity or reduce the time to smoke (I don’t know if you know what I’m talking about) but it could be weird

Repost your ffeedback in a new post but copy and paste, nobodh will open a PDF document here

look it’s better like this?

Ye bro, perfect

smokes should stun you and knock you down to the ground…

Why the heck do you want to get rid of this?

At the moment this varies depending on the connection to the server or lag in game. good list though

most people are frustrated because they don’t know how to adjust it

Thanks for reading “SuperStevie09” !
the movements are easily predictable, so if we increase the aiming aid, it will be even easier to kill someone during a movement. this my opinion