My feedback as a casual Gears gamer (Spoilers for the Campaign!)

Hey Gears,

fist I have to “confess“: Gears 4 was my first experience with the franchise.

A friend of mine, who’s a hardcore Gears fan, convinced me to give it a go. And I must say I had a blast playing the campaign and horde with my buddy.
PVP though wasn’t for me. The skill gap is pretty high for a new bee to reach a tolerable performance.
I respect ppl for having the patience and endurance to master the mechanics and I had to admit I have neither :wink:
Nonetheless I clocked in more than 14 days play time for Gears and as I said I had a blast with it, but then I moved on.

Now to Gears 5:

SPOILERS for the campaign, do not read further if you haven’t played the campaign yet!

My first impression was the E3 conference in 2018, and it left me with a sour taste…
First the Gears POP announcement (oh boy, a mobile game) and then the trailer.
Yes, it was a great trailer but EVERYONE who played G4 knew it was Oscar who died in the scene.
Giving away such a huge story element in a trailer doesn’t sound good to me.

Anyway, I was really looking forward to it.

After the two Tech Demos my buddy told me, that he had the impression the game isn’t ready for launch. Too many issues so close to release.

Since he’s a hardcore fan of the franchise I took his advice to play it first on Game Pass and then decide to buy it or not.
I must say I was glad trying it out via Game Pass than purchasing G5.

Let’s start with the positive:

The campaign was IMO great!
The cinematic quality, presentation and voice acting are worthy the title AAA.
Plus the ability to play the campaign at 60 FPS was a great experience.
Good job TC! Credit where credit’s due.

Nonetheless I have two issues:

First, the pacing of the game. Specially after Act II.

Daring to try something new and the ambition to shake up the formula is something I will always prefer instead of playing it endlessly save.
Even more important to me is HOW you execute the ambition!
The sub-open-“world” is beautiful… but empty.
No wildlife, no random enemy spawns, no incentive to explore… so what’s the point?
And after Act II? The same thing but in red!
It felt long but not meaningful.

Second, the choice between Del and JD.

Really? Coming from decide going the left path or the right path to choose who’s going to die?

This raises a LOT of questions, like:

What ending is canon? Does my choice have an impact in G6? Why attacking Reyna with only a knife? Where was Jack? Why didn’t Jack send a Shock Trap? Or freeze Reyna? Or cloaking Del and JD before they attacking with a knife?
AND more important, why didn’t Kait throw the knife at Reyna’s body? Or head?

Furthermore it doesn’t reflect the player’s choice but which character I sympathize more.

Do I sympathize more with Marcus? Then I can’t do that to him. Loosing his only child after all his losses…
Or, do I sympathize more with Kait? Del was at her side when she needed a friend after loosing uncle Oscar…

Right, now the Multiplayer aspect:

Again, I start with the positive:

I think for casual PVP players like me, the Arcade mode is a good addition.
Besides a few rounds now and then I personally wouldn’t log in just for that. Nothing more, nothing less.

For the other modes I don’t dare to express an opinion about something that I don’t play or know nothing about.

The one thing that I can say though, when it comes to PVP, is this:
In the long run it makes more sense to please the hardcore players than casuals like me.
They are the ones who play the game for months and years to come.
Trying to encourage casuals playing competitive by making it more casual friendly leads to frustration for the core player base.

Gears is known for its skill gap when it comes to competitive PVP, and I respect that.
Taking that away or streamline it for more players would mean loosing its identity.
And that’s not a good thing IMO.

Escape has potential, but in the current state it doesn’t motivate me to play it for the long run.

Horde was sadly a let down for me…
The change to Hero Characters with special abilities and unique roles didn’t “click” with me.
Not being able to play my favorite characters with a different role than the assigned one feels too restrictive for me. Plus I don’t understand why you can’t play with two builders (Del) if you want to? Or two Fahz?
Ok, that’s a thing that with time you can adapt to.
BUT what makes Horde not enjoyable are the awful matchmaking and server issues.
Constantly being disconnected due to server issues isn’t fun… that’s something I can’t and will not adapt to.
Quitters has always been an issue, the solution IMO is not by penalties but by meaningful REWARDS for those who stick till the end.

Speaking of which, the rewards you can earn by playing are… not really worth chasing (by now).

Now to the big elephant in the room:

“Micro”- transactions are just outrageous!
I guess there’s nothing more that I can add that has already been said about it…
If TC wants to implement F2P monetization for its multiplayer than make it free to play!
Split the campaign for purchase (lets say 40 €) and make multiplayer F2P.

To sum it up:

Would I have paid 70 € for Gears 5 knowing its issues? No!

Would I have bought G5 just for the campaign?
Yes and No. Yes when it will be on sale and no for the current price tag.

With Game Pass you can do nothing wrong.

Sorry for this long rambling, I just wanted to gave a “quick” feedback about my experience but it turned out this long.
Thanks for your time reading my thoughts, I’m interested hearing yours!

Have a nice day :v:

You’ve probably gone further than most casuals ever would by posting on the forum. So that’s something.

As for your post - most of it is accurate, though my personal complaints mostly lie with how they’ve just thoroughly messed Horde up. Sure, we should probably have gotten something new with it, but locking characters to classes in a game where the characters are more than just a skin you put on was a bad idea, in my view. Sure, it adds a different mark of individuality but coupled with all the building and weapon purchase restrictions, and not being allowed to have duplicates, it’s not very good right now. And as usual, end game difficulties currently do not appear to be very balanced.

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Thanks for your feedback.
I felt like expressing my thoughts because as a casual gamer being targeted by TC to make the game more appealing to me.
I guess it’s nothing wrong with trying to make the game more accessible for newcomers or casuals.
But not for the price of loosing its identity, or pushing monetization to its limits.
It does the opposite effect

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