My Favorite thing about Gears 4

In the Gears 4 Prologue, you play as these random Gears. That’s it. No daddy issues and no stupid backstory. Just normal people fighting a war with the classic characters in the background. I wish they’d play more off that angle. I mean i don’t hate the main cast (except Kait I f#*'ing hate her) its just that its easier to relate with and immerse yourself with a faceless canon fodder than this 400lbs of pure muscle and testosterone with a damaged relationship with their dads. It’d be kinda cool if the next title was a spin off focused more on average gears who aren’t protected by plot armor and don’t dive too deep into their background

:joy: …why do you hate Kait tho?

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My favorite thing about Gears of War 4 was that my kids were finally old enough to play with me.


Gears 6 should start with a character generator. We could be everybody we wants.
Or maybe an open world similar to The Division 2 or Ghost Recon: Wildlands. With some main missions, some side missions. With enemy lurking behind the shadows. With allies walking in some streets. Yeah… :neutral_face:

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A spin off game could be just what you need. Come to think of it, it does sound a great idea. Completely story based, a sort of DLC even.

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Because she’s absolutely terrible. First half of the game is “oww I have a headache” and the rest is her trying to sound edgy and cool but not doing anything other than complaining and bossing around her commanding officers. She’s trash. Sam was a better role in Gears 5 than Kait was. Lizzie Carmine was a better character in 20 minutes than kait has been in 2 games. She just sucks