My favorite reward from the Dark Fate medal is the Mark

So I finally earned the Dark Fate medal from the Horde special event. Getting it done on Insane was obviously the toughest part, the choppers on wave 20 would always destroy us quickly, but once I got better at avoid their fire I managed to finish it.

Of the 3 rewards you receive, the Mark is my favorite, it looks like a giant head of a Terminator T-800(or whatever the new one is called, don’t know much about the new movie)…badass.

The other 2 rewards, the spray and the banner, they look nice too however it is very rare I get to show those off, so they don’t feel as cool or useful as the mark. Hopefully Banners and Sprays will improve in a future update as far as their visibility is concerned.

Anyways this post is for people who are trying to get the medal and have not been able to yet, not trying to convince anyone of anything…but yeah you get 3 rewards as stated in the description(edit: fyi though there is a bug that makes your Mark revert to the default one sometimes, hopefully gets fixed soon)