My favorite Gears 5 Escelation Rant

I love this guys video. One of the funniest things I have watched about gears in a long time. Shared it with some friends. Debating on making the smoke grenade rant my ringtone. Enjoy


Love the video.

So many truths.

Flash and Smoke Grenades are really loud and clinky when thrown.

They need to be towned down and smokes sound like nades now. They need their own sound back.

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I agree with the spawn too. You’re basically screwed cause you’re not gonna get anything on the map. I kinda hope koth moves into the pro scene. This stuff just doesnt work in entertainment.

Why do I have to go to a separate app to learn how to play the game lol?

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I didn’t realize how unnecessarily complicated escalation is now. It’s honestly a waste of a game mode now imo. No ones gonna play that.


I agree 100% with this comment on the vid.

"I haven’t watched the video yet, but I’ve seen the escalation 2.0 and it doesn’t seem online friendly. This will be probably the most unenjoyable game mode if you aren’t in a to5 and know how it works properly.
This gamemode has so many layers to it, I guess the pros will enjoy playing on something like this because of the deep learning curve to this, but everyone else will not play this gamemode at all.
There’s tonnes of ways to make a gamemode competitive without going to such depths like they’ve done here, and it’s a shame because it looks like they spent a lot of time and effort and research into this mode, but didn’t really consider how people play online.
They’ve put the skill-floor, so stupidly high here, but oh well, it’s only one mode.

If we go back to gears 1, warzone and execution on Canals was the ■■■■. That was competitive, but it was simple. This ain’t simple at all."

Randoms have a hard enough time playing ranked game modes in Gears. I don’t think any game type should require a tutorial, but that’‘s exactly what this is. Casuals are gonna’ be confused as F**k, and I hear everyone constantly saying “Quit appealing to casuals”. I get that, but without the dudes that only play on the weekends, the game as a whole suffers.

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Old Escalation wasn’t the most entertaining but I liked it. However, this seems unwatchable. What is esports without viewers? I don’t want to see that scene die, even if I’m skipping this mode.


I actually hate escalation as a whole, but to each their own. Down for KOTH, Territories, Execution, CTF, Oddball, Guardian, Dodgeball (Not all these types are in Gears, but you get what I’m saying)… I feel like all those modes have a place, but I’ve always thought escalation was convoluted.

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I just think koth offers more action. Spawn yah die spawn again. The lives counter like completely destroys the idea of the rings. Dudes in ring let’s go kill him so he runs out of lives. It’s just tdm with a ton of more menus and protocol. Super complicated for no reason and it just turns into execution after the lives go down. I would have really liked to see an OPTION to turn on comp for koth in 5 tuning wise. The modes just way too drawn out with crazy rules. The common gamer will lose interest and go to koth or somethen they spawn back in not after a half hour.

I did like escelation in 4. Gears coding isnt that great to begin with, now imagine the randoms on your team in public in 5 dying out of lives goin for some skin. You gotta sit through 7 rounds of menu votes, then 16 second spawn time. You’re not even playing a game, just observing after awhile.

In many ways I think koth attracts the most to versus. Original escelation was a good idea. Heck remember how popular guardian was back in the day. People like objectives, it’s fun and keeps your interest in arena gaming.

That dudes right about the smoke grenades too. Constantly spamd in 4. Nobody wants to play smoke battle.

I agree with you. Execution does new escalations job way over without menus and unessecary waits and pointless objectives. You have to be good and work the map together, not kill the guy in the ring. I like koth alot, but I think they can come up with some new modes besides escelation and arcade.

In alot of ways I would say execution is something you work up to as a pinnacle in gears. It’s not all bounce, sponge battles. You have to think and use different offense.


I got a good laugh outta this guy…I want him to speak at my funeral and talk about all the stupid things I have done in my life :joy::rofl:

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I mean when played by pros, it works. And I guess TCs thinking was that if you’re playing Esc, you’re 5-stacking anyway…

… but the mode is definetly convoluted and my first thought was that there would be no way it would attract viewers unfamiliar with the game already.

The game mode is also still too long imo

21 seconds in “The Horde mode is probably going to be the same as 4”.

He isn’t off to a great start. I know it was prior to the Horde reveal but I am never a fan of people that make random strange assumptions.

Watched 5 minutes and I have had enough. I agree with some of his points but he is so frustrating to listen to.

He reminds me of a darker version of Ozzie Man…destination…gay smoke lol


It won’t die because TC will chuck a lot of the better skins and characters at it so viewership numbers will always be there.

But that’s not a good thing because then you’ve got a false viewership number.

If only 1-2K people want to watch it then is it even worth carrying on thinking it’s a esports title and trying to shape the game that way.

There were streams for 4 where I saw an average of 3K people watching too …

The Gears 5 one for around 20-50K if I remember, hardly staggering numbers for a worldwide exclusive game giving away a skin that a lot of people wanted (chat was just !skin).


When he shows that clip of Rod smiling and says look gay smoke I was laughing pretty hard. And that kids sitting there, “I feel like I’m not hurt but I am…” it just cracked me up.

Throwing out smoke like puff the magic dragon

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Very British :rofl:

For some reason I was never able to get into an escalation match during the tech tests :cry: