My experience with adsl and fiber connection

Well nothing changed! I had adsl 10down 1 up and now fiber 100 down and 11 up and the game feels exactly the same even that my ping went down. I get the same amount of bs in this game. One day the game runs perfect and i win a lot of games and then the next day the game feels laggy and the sponge is on another level. The problem are not the players but these awful servers that Microsoft let us play.

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It’s ridiculous how this game handles connections. I usually have 25~ ping, but today I was around 80 because I was playing with my friend in Canada. I dropped a 79 kill KOTH and it was as if the enemies were constantly a step behind me. They had a really hard time landing on me.

Don’t get me wrong, I hate playing with high ping, but low ping doesn’t exactly reward me. People sponge just as bad or worse when their ping is higher than mine.

All convinced that you must have a fast connection and low ping to play; it plays very well with ping up to 120ms, what counts is a stable connection without lost packets and a good course with fewer nodes. A player with an excellent connection but with 100ms can make many more kills than another user with a very bad connection with 20ms

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The weird part about this game is that high ping is an advantage but it’s beatable. It’s when a player, any player whether 20ms or 100ms, has large spikes. This causes the whole match to feel absolutely terrible and very inconsistent.

I’ve never seen a game that allows one players inconsistency to ruin the whole match for everyone. Well, unless the game is P2P and the player with the bad connection gets host. But Gears isn’t P2P so there’s no excuse for it.

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Not to say the connection issue doesn’t suck - but I used to have 100 down with cable and moving to 300 was a drastic change. You should notice a change in other things though for sure (besides gears) moving from 10 to 100.

Not sure how the fiber scale goes though. Fiber 1000 is available in my area now but I’m not lunging at it since it’d involve upgrading my modem/router and all that.

I saw this post on twitter in this person had some sort of network utility program and the person shows its running on cheap run, high ping servers…

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Sure, I have seen that too. Yet Halo and many other games use the same servers without issue. If Gears was the only game to use them I’d be more willing to blame the servers but it’s hard to when so many other games perform so well on them. A server doesn’t just break down and cause everyone else to have sluggish movements, teleporting and other nonsense because one player has high fluctuations. Gears is acting as if we’re playing on P2P most of the time.

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Adding to this.

I just watched several clips my friend recorded and it was crazy. He used to ping very low but had to move where his ping is now around 80-90ms with spikes due to the WiFi being very distant and ATT DSL. Before, I remember seeing so many sponged shots and he’d become frustrated by it. The insanity was real and it’s what I always experience. Now, he’s literally getting credited with everything when he shoots the guy.

So again,

Low ping = No registration

High ping = consistently registering for him.


Lol, makes me want to try using wifi for few games, just to test it out :slight_smile:

bandwidth is far less of a factor for online gaming. it’s in the KB/s range

so having a “100 down and 11 up” connection isn’t going to help. what it will help with is downloading large files and streaming things like netflix.

the only real way to improve your connection is to physically move closer to the server. I’m guessing your not willing to move cities just to get a better connection to Gears of War.

Except when you’re the player with horrible bandwidth and can’t provide a consistent Kbps connection. Believe it or not there’s a ton of those players out there.

There are plenty of people with DSL who get about 10Mbps. This is going to be eaten up the moment one person streams an HD Netflix stream but many households have more than 3 people. So take 3 people with their own devices and it’s even worse.

Not saying you’re wrong because you’re not. But there is an issue with bandwidth on Gears due to much of the playerbase being from a country that offers minimal bandwidth that is fit for maybe one device at a time.

I got 50, and I sometimes play with both my wife and my son watching stuff on their respective iPads, and I don’t experience any problems (they have their own wifi networks in the house too)… Yeah, 10 might be problematic in such a situation…