My experience in GEARS 5, and what id like to see GEARS 6

let me start off by saying when I first played GEARS 5, I absolutely fell in love with the game, it was my very first GEARS and mainly played multiplayer, I believe that the initial gameplay was very methodical and had a lot more emphasis on positioning rather than the close combat speed, and I would claim that it was due to every weapon being viable no matter what it was, lancer, retro lancer, enforcer, boltok, talon pistol, the hammer burst, they were all amazing guns IMO

all that however changed when people wanted the game to revolve around the Gnasher, the first prominent change I saw was complains against the flash bang grenade, in a game where automatic weapons were pretty strong the flash bang was a good way to charge forward by blinding the enemy, but that was nerfed to death, leaving us with no good options of advancing and further cementing the power of automatic weapons

a few years later, i returned to gears 5, the lancer and every weapon i used to love picking up are nothing but mere pea shooters, thus turning the game into a Gnasher meat grinder, i remember my lancer doing 40 percent damage with 6 shots, and he closed the distance and blew me away with one shot, gone are the days of methodical gameplay and positioning and exchanged for fast paced quick reflexes close quarters gnasher fights

I yearn for the next gears of war to be a more methodical shooter that focuses more on positioning, and tactics, rather than abuse animations and good/fast wall bounce and eliminate players through CQC Gnasher fights, and where every weapon is lethal like how gears 5 initially was, but one can only dream at this point, if not, then I’m hoping the last of us faction wars makes its way to PC someday so that my itch for that niche can be scratched

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I play in party chat with friends and we dictate how the game plays. If people start bum rushing they just get sprayed down with lancer fire, they either change how they play or not.

Get some friends and just fun.:+1:

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aim assist, he wants aim assist back.

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i play on mouse and keyboard

If you can’t hit lancer shots on a mouse nothing is going to save you.

i edited the comment as you were replying

and no, emptying half a clip just to down someone is a pea shooter

You literally down people in Gears 5 in roughly the same time it takes to kill someone in fortnite at 200 health/shield — and it’s way easier to shoot people in Gears 5.

The game is literally built from the ground up so that shooting and using the lancer is easiest thing in the entire game because you’re supposed to use teamwork, positioning and angles in team fights to get kills together, and use the shotgun for close quarters fights, outnumbered fights and when you need to make an aggressive action.

If you find it hard, or just impossible to lancer players and get kills/downs or be an relevant player on the map — that’s 20% skill issue and 80% brain issue. It also isn’t half a clip, that’s beside the point.

You could quite literally halve the lancers damage — it’s about a 12 bullet down now, you make it 24 bullets and it would still probably overperform for how easy it is to use, and how effective it is.

I made an account where the only thing I did was lancer for 50 games of ranked control to show people like you who claim that they can’t lancer that you actually can lancer, and not only that you can lancer in bad situations and get away with it. You can push people with a lancer if you want.

I tried to do this same thing but only gnasher, and it was so annoying and difficult that I gave up after like 20 games.


i don’t play fortnite, and have no intention of doing so

i watched the video, and i’m frankly not convinced, and i’ll explain why

so you started off by saying you have a brand new account right?, does that mean since your account is new and you are placed with weaker/newer players, while being a much more experienced player?

so also, lets take a look at the beginning of the video, dude took every shot and STILL nearly made it across, then you proceed to wipe out 2 more players by just using a lancer at close range, now is that suppose to convince me that the lancer is good? or is that the other players couldn’t really aim even with an optimal close range weapon?

moving on, here’s some of the things i’ve noticed

1:46 - enemy missed most his gnasher shots and you sprayed him
1:57 - enemy was a free kill
2:05 - dude ran into every bullet, took that long to kill him? and even then he nearly got through
2:17 - he ate all those shots and still ran survived to get through cover
2:30 - missed his Gnasher shot, that should’ve gibbed you
5:58 - dude stood out in the open and basically let you lancer him
7:01 - looking at the score, that wasn’t even a close game, they weren’t that good compared to your team
7:55 - 2 players kept missing their gnasher shots

at this point, what i’m getting is, if your enemy can’t aim you win

what was annoying about it?

Apex as well.

I’m playing against better players than you in every lobby regardless — however Smurfing also doesn’t work in this game. For the first 2-3 games on a new account you’ll play against bots, however after that you’re playing the same exact people you would on your main account.

The very first kill in the video is showing how easy the tracking is in addition to the power — again this is roughly fortnite/apex TTK with a gun that takes almost no skill whatsoever to aim.

Killing the people with lancer at close range shows that it’s viable — you’re not meant to even be able to do it, but you can do it very reliably even though that’s not what it’s meant for.

Every player misses shots sometimes, that’s just a fact. The best players in the world miss shots constantly. Most importantly in the Spray lancer vs Shotgun interaction it forces the shotgun player to essentially be perfect because if you don’t get a two shot down, or a one-shot chunk — you’re probably dead.

There’s also the other aspect where this is a team game, so in situations where you spray lancer someone and they kill you — you’re always going to have them at least 50% weak so the odds of them killing you and surviving are drastically lower than they would’ve otherwise had been.

Everyone misses shots — but he didn’t actually miss his shots he got cheated by the games spawning system. He shot twice, but the first shot he took was negated because I had spawn shield. The second shot hit me and it was a good shot but as I just said previously, you’re going to need to 2 shot down or chunk a spray lancer player most of the time — in the time it took him to shoot twice he got downed, and my spray wasn’t even particularly clean there.

I had like 8 hours of gameplay to draw clips from, I put this one because it makes the games spawning system look bad.

That’s literally the video game — most kills/deaths are like this. A large portion of the kills you get are kills you would be expected to get by virtue of circumstance and it’s the same story with deaths. One of the reasons why I could just run around only using a lancer is because most kills are a product of circumstance.

You’re literally asking for CoD at this point.

He didn’t survive though — when he’s in that position there’s nothing he can do. It doesn’t matter if I repeat the feat from 10 seconds prior in the video. If you’re 80% and someone is walking wide with a lancer, you’re basically always dead.

Whenever you say this you do realize that the implication is that in order to defeat the point blank lancer one has to have perfect accuracy — and hitting shotgun shots is much harder than hitter lancer shots.

He tried to lancer battle me — that clip was only added because of what followed it though.

That was basically the only game like that. This was all solo as well so it’s a complete roll of the dice whether or not my team is better or worse. It averaged out over all the games.

The first player literally did not miss either of his shots lmao.

If it takes perfect pinpoint aim to beat someone just meandering around lancering — the lancer is overperforming wildy.

The game is meant to be balanced CQC Gnasher, Mid-Range Lancer — you’re not supposed to be able to only lancer in every situation and be effective.

  • When you’re only lancering you naturally make your teammates a lot better — if you just do like 30% to someone that your teammate is fighting, your teammates odds of winning the fight is going through the roof. If you’re making your teammates better, the games are going to be easier.

When you’re only shotgunning you have to do a lot more, take a lot more chances and to be useful to your teammates essentially get away with a lot of things you’re not supposed to get away with doing — like winning 1v2s, having a high 1v1 win percentage.

  • Lancering is the easiest and most consistent thing in the game, by virtue of this you basically can’t have a bad game or even a bad stretch of play. It’s just too easy to shoot the weapon, it doesn’t matter if you’re sleepy, bored, distracted — the consistency this offers is unmatched.

Everyone is going to miss Shotgun shots — however the bigger thing here is that when you’re using the shotgun you’re opening yourself up to massive inconsistencies in the gameplay when it comes to things like animation shots, players being in different spots on your screen than they really are(someone on your screen will be in chunk range, but they’re actually not so you get 84 in 1). You also have to take more risks with your positioning — this will lead back to what I said earlier which is that most of your kills and deaths are a result of positioning and circumstance.

If you can just run out of spawn with a lancer, do nothing else — and even be a relevant player in low tier lobbies that itself proves the lancer is a far more viable weapon than it’s meant to be. If you can even get like a 0.9k/d 1.0 w/l doing this, it proves the lancer is a viable slaying weapon — it should not be a viable slaying tool, it’s a support weapon.

not interested

i guess you’re setting the tone of this conversation pretty well

sometimes? seems like every kill you posted was from players who missed majority of their shots

not really saying much here, lancer is good when the enemies back was turned and it was a free kill?

“literally” am not asking for COD, nor am i asking for it “figuratively”, if anything I’m asking for vanilla gears 5

in other words, bad positioning caused his death…

regardless, if you’re good enough you’re going to hit those shots, and I’ve faced quite a few high ranking players that have wiped out teams so quick with their Gnasher, I don’t think I’ve seen the same done with lancers

we can talk percentages all day, but a Gnasher shot at close range will still gib you at any health

be that as it may, what I’m getting from this is that the games close range inconsistencies is what makes the lancer good, not necessarily the lancer itself

i’ll close with this, while i appreciate the time you took to explain, my opinion still remains, I’m not a fan of the TTK that it has, regardless of whether you can make it work, and had way more fun with vanilla gears 5 rather than what it is currently not just the lancer but also majority of the weapons, and hope to see something similar in the future

If the only way you can kill someone lancering you point blank is by hitting your shots perfectly with the shotgun — that is imbalanced. Hitting shotgun shots is much harder than hitting lancer shots.

You’re trying to tell me they suck at the game, I’m telling you that they’re better than you.

Player caught out in the open, melted with no chance of survival. There’s literally nothing he could have done to avoid that death — and it took absolutely no skill or effort from me to do it. It’s far too easy.

The lancer wasn’t substantially stronger in the beginning of Gears 5 — it just had more aim assist and magnetism.

Bad positioning, or circumstance causes most deaths in this game. If I’m using a shotgun in that scenario the task of killing that player (who is in bad positioning) is far more difficult than if I use the lancer.

Not all the time — no one hits those shots all the time. If you’ve not found yourself being team fired, you’re not in high tier lobbies.

Chunk range is inconsistent on your screen.

No — close range inconsistencies are what make spray lancering viable. You’re going to lose more CQC fights with the lancer against the shotgun than you win — but you’re going to win a lot more than you should because you should never win one.

What makes the lancer so good is the ease of use and the fact that it’s a team game — you don’t have to get a kill or down with your lancer in order to have been the deciding factor in a fight.

and yet the better players make it look easy despite its difficulty

that doesn’t make it any better, i simply said they are newer/weaker, not that they “sucked”

yes, 2 v 1 if you were sandwiched in the middle of a 2 v 1 doesn’t really give you much of a chance of survival

uhhhh yeah it was, no fall out damage, higher damage, perfect reload slow, less recoil

yes, exactly, i can kill people with any weapon who was out of position, that’s not restricted to a lancer

i’ve been in quick play matches where you get to fight or pair up with high ranked players, way higher than me, and they seem to do it very consistently if not “all the time”

there are good players consistently dominate within chunk range, it tends to not even be close

winning one close range engagement would be too much then , if its expected not to, but i’m just arguing semantics at this point :smiley:

but that can be said about every weapon, they’re all technically easy to use, be it some are better at different ranges

they’re all point and shoot, with the exception of throwables and explosive weapons, but even then its not, that hard to get right

People generally hit around 65-70% of their shotgun shots, it’s slightly higher for eSports players but we don’t balance the game around what the Top 000.1% can do.

They aren’t new to the game though.

Almost the entire game is made up of asymmetrical and/or outnumbered fights. In terms of finding 1v1s in a game, I’m much better than the average player — and if I play a 12 minute Control with 30 kills there’s only going to be about 5-6 1v1 kills there.

Even if you only shotgun and run around challenging every single possible fight you can find, you’re still not going to fight many 1vs — and those you do fight are going to mostly be asymmetrical.

The gun has no recoil at all — this is a MW2 ACR. Stopping power hasn’t meaningfully changed, nor has the damage. We’re literally getting 12 bullet downs on average — it was never ever lower than 11. What changed is reduced magnetism.

The lancer offers the ability to kill out of position players with remarkable ease because, again, it’s possibly the easiest weapon to aim in all of multiplayer gaming, you’re always going to be inside the effective range due to map design, and the alternative to it is harder to do, opens the door for more randomness and in almost every case forces you to give up some positional advantage. Not to even mention that you don’t have to solo-down someone either.

It’s about 60-70%

You should never be able to even win one, let alone like 30-40%

No it can’t — the lancer is by design the easiest weapon to use.

The thing about people who want a massively buffed lancer is that if they actually got it they would absolutely hate it — the only reason bad players actually lancering people is because it’s easy to do. If the lancer were buffed it would be made harder to use, and the people wanting it wouldn’t be able to properly use it in addition to other changes in the game as well. The movement would be made faster and the shotgun would be made stronger — you don’t just get a 15-25% lancer damage increase with nothing else changing.

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thats amazing regardless

regardless, my assumption of them being newer doesn’t mean they suck

your chances of shotgun killing someone whose back is turned while engaging someone else is already high high, there’s no way around that

I disagree, you mean to tell me that i can’t do that same thing with the retro lancer or enforcer?

watching the old videos, compared to vanilla gears 5, theres definitely more recoil

again, fall out damage nerfed, active reload damage and slow gone,

in your video, your very first kill took you 2 1/2 - 3 seconds to down someone , watching videos from gears 5 back in 2019, the TTK is precisely 1.28 at close range, and 1.33 at mid range, so i’m not convinced at all that the lancer is overall the same

you can easily kill out of position players with with an enforcer, retro lancer, hammer burst, its not that a hard

thats pretty darn high, and probably higher for players who are better

no matter what the gun, the guy who hits his shots wins

you’re missing the point, even if the lancer were easiest weapon to use as you put it, alot of weapons are easy enough to where you get just as good results

that’s where you’re wrong, i loved gears 5 before all these nerfs, and a lot of players were definitely upset when the lancer nerfs came

Yeah man brand new player just immediately good at the game.

It’s almost a 100% certainty that you’re going to get the kill if you lancer. People miss shots from behind constantly and trying to get close enough to actually do damage exposes you to a higher risk of death.

Those are pickup weapons — the retro is a better lancer with worse range thats slightly harder to aim. The enforcer is pretty gimmicky — you can spray people down relatively easily but it’s fairly hard to meaningfully cross people with it at mid range.

There literally is no recoil lmao

I was looking for a clip of mine from several patches ago — the lancer has genuinely gotten stronger than it was before.

I remember getting this down, posting it here and having people literally tell me that they think the player I downed was already hurt.

This isn’t even fast for the current state of the game — this is a nothing clip.

You do realize you can look up patch notes for Gears 5 starting at base game and check the changes, right?

I really don’t know why you think “Slow” or what the community knows as stopping power is any different, because it simply isn’t. “Fall out” damage is irrelevant — show me proof that it’s even different at all because I don’t believe it is, and on top of that you’re never in a situation where you need to lancer someone from 40 meters anyway.

The TTK you’re citing is on players who aren’t moving — which is an absolutely meaningless exercise. On top of that I don’t know where you got your numbers but they’re probably wrong anyway. Not every single bullet that leaves your lancer is going to hit in a real game against a moving player that’s why the TTK in my videos against actual players is going to be higher than shooting someone not playing.

It’s about ease of use — and the weapon is too easy to use.

Look at this very balanced weapon I’m using.

It never goes much higher than 70% — not all shot hits are the same either. You can hit three shots, but they can all be partials so you do 45 in 3 — or you can hit two full spreads and down someone from a reasonable distance. It’s not good enough to hit shots you have to hit shots borderline perfectly.

These are also pickup weapons — you can easily boomshot someone in the back. The hammerburst is actually the closest thing to a balanced rifle that GoW has to offer.

This isn’t how GoW works.

No they aren’t — nothing is easier than the lancer, and you always have it at all times.

They would make the weapon harder to use, you would unable to use it and you would hate it.


his back is turned and doesn’t see you coming, you have the advantage no matter how you slice the cake

at alot of the ranges you were fighting, its definitely doable

“literally”, or do you mean “figuratively”, implying that the recoil is weak and therefore its irrelevant?

counting the time, it you 3 seconds to down him

dude would rather eat all the shots to throw the flash grenade rather than to take cover under fire?.. dude deserved to go down

this was the first nerf, but it still functioned just as good as the original lancer, with the only thing really changed is the damage fall off, and even with the fall off damage it was still 2 1/2 seconds for long range

refer to the video above and see how fast moving players go down

5 seconds, noice

yes, that doesn’t change my opinion

ah i see, missing shots mean you win?, no

disagree all the other weapons are pretty easy to use


and also before we continue, just letting you know right now, that I’m not going to be convinced, liking the game before the patches won’t change no matter what you say, I preferred vanilla and all the weapons having a better TTK

Do you actually not understand that there’s a difference between having a really good chance at a kill versus an almost certain kill?

More often than not you have to be in the ranges I was in.

Most players can’t even tell the gun has recoil at all.

It’s not a particularly fast down by todays standards, but it was then — the lancer has been buffed at some point from then.

The video started at 12 minutes and the first lancer down I saw was at 17:34 and was about a 2 and half second down.

Again, the gun has never at any point been lower than 11 shot unless you’re getting all headshots on a player standing still.

I’m convinced you don’t actually play the game, you just imagine the game as a bunch of numbers which are irrelevant to the actual gameplay. Two players downed with one clip — you see nothing wrong here? You might be the only person in the whole of human history where the phrase “Go play Call of Duty” actually applies.

It renders your opinion meaningless — pickup weapons don’t, and shouldn’t compare to starting weapons.

In terms of the shotgun, hitting your shots often doesn’t have a lot of bearing on whether or not you win the fight because hitting partial shots can often times be pointless. One of the most common ways people get kills in this game is by specifically not shooting their gun and playing for a one shot — if you shoot your gun and waste your shot, even if the shot hits, someone can use that moment to gib you.

You can hit someone with 3-4 shots, they can move around run up to you and kill you with one. This happens dozens of times in every game. Hitting your shots by itself isn’t that important.

You can disagree all you want, you’re just incorrect.

Because the game isn’t meant to be roughly 50:50 lancer/gnasher kills. The lancer is meant to have it’s place as a support weapon, and to punish players in bad positioning — it’s easy to use on purpose for this reason. The mechanical skill of the game is entirely within movement and aiming your shotgun. If the lancer were buffed to where it’s more on par with the shotgun in terms of overall kills — they would by neccessity have to make it harder to use to add some mechanical skill back into the game.

You’re the only person in the whole of human history to cry about the lancer having recoil — I’m fairly confident that if they made the gun even harder to use that you wouldn’t be able to hit water if you were standing on a boat.

You’re not even telling the truth here — if you think the weapons are all “easy” to use then you wouldn’t be crying about lancer recoil.

oh theres definitely a chance he could survived that, albeit small, if he could have pressed forward and take out the guy in front of him instead of letting you lazer him down

still doable

so it’s not literally then

again looking at the videos from 2019 3 seconds, compared to 1.5 seconds is quite the difference

17:34, he missed 4 of his shots when the enemy slid into over

gameplay definitely started 3:07, note that i specifically watched these ones in slow motio, these are solo kills where his shots connected and had no help from any team mate

4:44 to 4:46 - 1.5 second kill
5:16 to 5:17 - slightly over a second
5:46-5:47 - barely a second
13:22-13:23 - barely over a second
19:29-19:30 - little over a second

cool story, next

“shouldn’t” in other words that’s subjective, I’m the complete opposite, starting weapons should be good enough to compete with pickups as to not give too much of an disadvantage to players

that opens up some tactics as you don’t have to force engagements just to get the pickups

you hit someone enough or perfectly, he dies, you miss he doesn’t

and i will continue to diagree, other weapons can definitely kill someone, can the boltok not kill someone who is focused on someone else while his back is turned?, yes


i’m not crying about it, i’m pointing out that to say “literally” in a figurative sense is wrong.

does it have recoil, yes it LITERALLY does, even if people don’t notice it

get in effective range, point weapon, shoot, easy

nothing more truthful than that


It’s literally more than 2 seconds.

He first hit the player at 5:15

It’s literally 1.9 seconds. He starts shooting right before the timer changes to 5:46, and the player gets downed 3-4 frames before it goes to 5:47.

This is the fastest one, and its still like 1.3s — however the player was literally shot by someone else. He didn’t get full points for the kill, he got 90.

He literally starts shooting his gun at 19:28, and doesn’t get the down until like 3 frames before it goes to 19:31.

You’re actually failing at the task of watching a video.

This is unironically against how the game is balanced, and how the entire series has been balanced from the very first game until right now. Not to even mention that the lancer is just straight up better than the HB and Enforcer overall.

The “tactic” of literally finding behind a piece of covering and shooting someone who doesn’t know you’re there.

I’m literally talking to someone who has maybe 10 hours of Gears of War played in their entire life. You have no idea what I’m talking about.

That’s literally how the game has been built for 15 years.

You’re literally crying about the gun having recoil.

This isn’t even to mention the fact that I’ve already shown that you can play the game, be incredibly effective in every match by only lancering in every scenario even when it doesn’t make sense to do so. You can literally do what you’re asking for — you can have a one gun game where that one gun is the Lancer. You’re crying about the fact that you aren’t good enough to do that, please cope harder. I’m literally telling you it’s easy to do, and apparently it’s still too hard for you to accomplish.