My engineering style has changed compared to gears 4

The typical fashion of engineering and from what I’ve seen is all about building countless barriers that are level 2 to slow down enemies. Which don’t get me wrong it is brilliant strategy to play as engineer.

However, Since I was playing gears 4 my engineering was completely different compared to this game. My engineering style was all about spamming countless of decoys so that it could distract enemies. I rarely bought any sentrys in gears 4 depending on how good my team was, simply because the dropshots were op, therefore, I would build tons of weapons locker and put dropshots in them. I probably build 3 or 4 barriers in gears 4. Back in gears 4, my decoy strategy was all about how many kills would sniper, heavy or soldier would get.

Unfortunately, now I build level 2 barriers instead of decoys (or let Lizzie build it for me) in gears 5 which wouldn’t make sense to build decoys because they weren’t strong enough as 4 (with decoy health). Also, playing the game on master difficulty as a engineer means I have to be careful in order what I build next as the waves progress to because it gets more and more expensive. Which I think it takes away the fun of being a engineer. I get it, TC wanted make this game more challenging compared to gears 4. But taking away the fun of building countless decoys isn’t. In masters, I would rather have mutator that scions goes invincible, just like in escape. Not making things expensive. This time round I have to build sentrys, because the guardian/sentinels are more difficult to handle compare to 4 and the dropshot is pretty much useless for guardians/sentinels instead I have my own locker with cryo cannons filled in.


So you never want to complete a game. Got it. Maybe you meant the Shielded Scions modifier? Because you can’t make them invincible in Horde where no way to lock them away and make them despawn is.

Point I’m trying to make was they shouldn’t have power drain as mutator it’s worse for engineer. I would take ANY other mutator but that.

Power Drain is such a lame modifier. If your team is quick enough and completes the waves within 3 minutes, Power Drain wont even kick in.

Invincible Scions wont work, I guess you rather meant invisible Scions? I mean you need an option to kill them otherwise the wave wont end. :slight_smile:

A fun modifier would be Friendly Fire to be honest. Would be funny if not even your own team could walk through barricades lol.

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Sorry my bad. Yes

In Gears 4, it used to be either:


Level 2 Barriers, Overclocked Lockers for everyone, MG and Shock Sentries, and Level 4 Decoys. Sometimes mostly Level 4 Shock Sentries in wide open space.

“Decoy HP”

Spamming Level 1-4 Decoys and Overclocked Lockers for everyone.

“Barrier HP”

Spamming Level 1-4 Barriers and Overclocked Lockers for everyone.

Now in Gears 5, I only do:

Level 4 Forge first, Level 2-4 Overclocked Lockers for main damage dealers then everyone, mostly Level 1 Barriers or Level 2 if upgraded off someone, mostly Shock Sentries on frontline and MG Sentries at back. And rarely put Level 4 Decoys if can be defended.

So yeah, building is a little different in both games. Gears 4 seemed to have more interesting variety of builds / cards setup because even the Decoys and Sentries did more damage and more durable against enemy fire. And don’t really require a Forge early. We could go straight onto Barriers and Lockers at beginning, rather than finishing Forge on Wave 5+ to build Barriers and Lockers. And a lot more people used to do Horde Speed Runs on 4 so the Carry Speed card was used to move things quick. It’s not even there for Gears 5.

I normally build decoys when my base is pretty much all settled. But even then I would build like 3 or 4 max
Compared to gears 4 not even close enough.

Decoys do not seem worth it in 99% of cases to me in Gears 5. TC nerfed their health too much or the enemies do too much while we have problems defending them properly unless JD. They simply go down too quickly.


If I played Del on other maps 1-50 except Exhibit, I could probably find places to put Decoys. But even if I do, they have to be defended by team mates. It’s no good to build Decoy and it’s nearly destroyed by the end of wave. It’ll eventually cost more and more to replace when destroyed completely. When I did Exhibit, I was able to defend my own Decoy with Tri-Shot and almost never destroyed completely. It didn’t get damaged much either. But relying on team mates? Not sure. It could be positioned in certain way that is hidden from view, and only catches aggro when enemy close.

I miss recycling and having level 4 fortifications by wave 11.

Which I already said

As invisible as sometimes the Hunters!? :thinking:

Never had issues with any type of invisible enemy.

I totally agree with u.
They make horde difficult but is a difficult that makes the hole experience frustrating. I want my character to be op when maxed, it makes me like to chase the card and all