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My emerald gear kills got reset had almost 4000 now its back to 40 anyone have any ideas on how it happened


(BraN RM) #44

Help with my count of kills to decreased a lot, I have no capture of the kills I was carrying but you may have a way to check how many I did since the start of the challenge to this day

(CannaBisCuit254) #45

I had over 50% progress in the Season 5 emerald challenge and now it is 2%. Help me :confused:

(CannaBisCuit254) #46

I am still having the issue. I play on Xbox One only and my status has reset on both the Myrewards page and on my achievement progress list. Was at over 50% and now I’m at 2%

(gamexplox360) #47

when I was doing the challenge of the emerald gears I took 7889 deaths and then I went to see how much I had progressed and I had 110 deaths I need you to help me invest a lot of time playing to take out my emerald gears

(Omen LP) #48

I dont know where you guys go to look at the %s, guessing achievement tracking? Check myrewards on the website, it’s always showed me an accurate track of the # out of 9000. Finally got it, yesterday, whew, what a grind… :wink:

(Offects) #49

My achievement also got reset, hopefully i get them back.

(XxGHTxX VaN3x3L) #50

Continuing the discussion from My emerald gear kills got reset had almost 4000 now its back to 40 anyone have any ideas on how it happened:


A couple of days ago I realized that they restarted my progress, I had more than 5000 deaths.

I hope you can fix it because I want to finish the challenge.

(MareaFicticia) #51

It’s a BIG trouble for what i see. I have the same issue, my kills for esmerald gear just restarted, I had more than 2500 dows and kills and now not more than 300. Please fix it, I really want the character and most important, be part of the community, but this kind of fails just are not right.

(eltotom) #52

well after the new uptade of gears of war 4 the one with the uris with out helmet well i lost my progress in the challenge in the emerald 9000 b deaths (i had litle bit more than 7000) now i have like 200 and the Achievemento of sabe you pilot (i was 60% now im 10% ) this happened after the update please realese another one but fixing this problema cuz a cant not play alway and i really cost me timne to get to that progress thanks a lot att. cesar zea Gamertag: eltotom

(eltotom) #53

hi tc im eltotom from Xbox one i have the same issue my emerald gears kill reset to 100 kill i had itt 7000 please is there any way to fix it

(TC Vectes) #54

Hi all,

Thank you for your reports and your patience as our investigation continues. I will keep you updated as soon as I have more information.

In the meantime, I would like to reassure everyone that your progress is NOT lost. Continue to grind and get these kills and/or downs in.

When you reach 9000 kills and/or downs (i.e. when the challenge is complete), you will see your progress correctly and permanently displayed in-game and on the website.

Your reward (Emerald Gear character skin) will then be unlocked and ready to be claimed on your my-rewards page.

(GreatWhiteShark) #55

I just don’t get why people are rushing to grind the emerald gear, I’ve been playing casually in versus, even with alot of 2v2s and I have 6k kills so far with almost 2 more months to go. I’ve seen the character in-game now by a few and it doesn’t look anything special, especially to put up with mindlessly fembling with AI vs CO-OP. If you’re a regular gearshead, just play at your own pace and you’ll get it in time if you’re halfway decent. To each their own, I guess.

(itZz NiNO) #56

My kills are not counting for the emerald character. I’m on 6522 kills and it just stopped there. And also for the hord challenge it’s not counting neither. Is anyone one else experiencing this?

(TC Vectes) #57

Hey there, please read my post above:


Emerald gear 3000 kills Gone (reset)
(JonWar2) #58

Great news that we do not lose progress. Thanks. :slight_smile:

(GHO5TS3C) #59

Im about to lose my Fkin mind. I had over 5k kills, I just checked the my rewards page, it’s saying only 2.2k now. Where the fk did all my kills disappear to? There’s no way I’m gonna make it now. If anyone has any suggestions please tell me.

(OneShotShelly) #60

Here are my thoughts on this… I’ve been wondering if those who’s Emerald Gears Kills got reset had actually finished the previous 5000 kill achievement. I’m thinking that ,IF NOT, it put those kills in the “5000 Kills” achievement and put the “leftovers” into the Emerald Gears 9000 kills. If you have already completed the previous 5000 kills and it STILL reset then I have no idea why it would reset like that. Maybe you can scroll down more in your achievements and check. Hope it’s resolved for you soon.

(Duffman GB) #61

Did you get it sorted ?
To be honest mate the skin is rather rubbish anyhow, no great loss.

I’m sitting on 97% and when I get, I’m making a point of not using. I’m sticking it to the man, and da man (TC) don’t like it/don’t give a toss :wink:
I’m happy either way.


Working on Gears if War 4 there is an Emerald Gear achievement to get 9000 kills. I had 7000 now it says I have 200

(Krylon Blue) #63

I’ve seen @the-coalition respond to these types of threads before and it’s always appeared to be a tracking issue. You should still be on pace to get the character as you shouldn’t have lost any progress.