My emerald gear kills got reset had almost 4000 now its back to 40 anyone have any ideas on how it happened


(TBs Hawkeye) #42

My progress of the conquest of the Emerald Gears was with 25% and now this with 0%, why did this occur?
How will they resolve?

Gamertag: TBs Hawkeye

(BraN RM) #44

Help with my count of kills to decreased a lot, I have no capture of the kills I was carrying but you may have a way to check how many I did since the start of the challenge to this day

(CannaBisCuit254) #45

I had over 50% progress in the Season 5 emerald challenge and now it is 2%. Help me :confused:

(CannaBisCuit254) #46

I am still having the issue. I play on Xbox One only and my status has reset on both the Myrewards page and on my achievement progress list. Was at over 50% and now I’m at 2%

(gamexplox360) #47

when I was doing the challenge of the emerald gears I took 7889 deaths and then I went to see how much I had progressed and I had 110 deaths I need you to help me invest a lot of time playing to take out my emerald gears

(Omen LP) #48

I dont know where you guys go to look at the %s, guessing achievement tracking? Check myrewards on the website, it’s always showed me an accurate track of the # out of 9000. Finally got it, yesterday, whew, what a grind… :wink:

(Offects) #49

My achievement also got reset, hopefully i get them back.

(XxGHTxX VaN3x3L) #50

Continuing the discussion from My emerald gear kills got reset had almost 4000 now its back to 40 anyone have any ideas on how it happened:


A couple of days ago I realized that they restarted my progress, I had more than 5000 deaths.

I hope you can fix it because I want to finish the challenge.

(MareaFicticia) #51

It’s a BIG trouble for what i see. I have the same issue, my kills for esmerald gear just restarted, I had more than 2500 dows and kills and now not more than 300. Please fix it, I really want the character and most important, be part of the community, but this kind of fails just are not right.

(eltotom) #52

well after the new uptade of gears of war 4 the one with the uris with out helmet well i lost my progress in the challenge in the emerald 9000 b deaths (i had litle bit more than 7000) now i have like 200 and the Achievemento of sabe you pilot (i was 60% now im 10% ) this happened after the update please realese another one but fixing this problema cuz a cant not play alway and i really cost me timne to get to that progress thanks a lot att. cesar zea Gamertag: eltotom

(eltotom) #53

hi tc im eltotom from Xbox one i have the same issue my emerald gears kill reset to 100 kill i had itt 7000 please is there any way to fix it

(TC Vectes) #54

Hi all,

Thank you for your reports and your patience as our investigation continues. I will keep you updated as soon as I have more information.

In the meantime, I would like to reassure everyone that your progress is NOT lost. Continue to grind and get these kills and/or downs in.

When you reach 9000 kills and/or downs (i.e. when the challenge is complete), you will see your progress correctly and permanently displayed in-game and on the website.

Your reward (Emerald Gear character skin) will then be unlocked and ready to be claimed on your my-rewards page.

(GreatWhiteShark) #55

I just don’t get why people are rushing to grind the emerald gear, I’ve been playing casually in versus, even with alot of 2v2s and I have 6k kills so far with almost 2 more months to go. I’ve seen the character in-game now by a few and it doesn’t look anything special, especially to put up with mindlessly fembling with AI vs CO-OP. If you’re a regular gearshead, just play at your own pace and you’ll get it in time if you’re halfway decent. To each their own, I guess.