My emerald gear kills got reset had almost 4000 now its back to 40 anyone have any ideas on how it happened


(GhostofDelta2) #21

Xbox has an ingame tracker, whereas PC doesn’t and relies on the website only.

This is why you cant find it in game.

(Ess Ascends) #22

But i see the achievements in my xbox app just cant find the new ones

(GhostofDelta2) #23

Regular achievements will show up in the app, rewards like 9000 kills or downs in a season won’t.


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(Ess Ascends) #26

Same thing happens to me my dude your not alone

(DaffyFlounder55) #27

I had a like 1800 kills to the emerald guy than I woke up the next day and and had like 105 can you do something

(Ess Ascends) #28

See its happening everywhere

(Iceman180s) #29

Redneck for some reason cant see his posts on here!
He has cleared all the exclamation marks next to all his items, he’s not lost anything in the game and has carried on as normal, I know he was having internet problems at some stage through this so he thinks that probably may have cause this issue, although all my controller setting were re-set on my game as well but no problems since so I guess maybe just a one off!!!

(Omen LP) #30

I suspect that TC has the data for all kills and downs, so even if you run into a visual issue where stats are not displaying, rest assured, you wont lose your progress…

Personally I wish this was ranked-only… killing bots is a world apart from killing human players…

(SilverEagle01) #31

Help my counter was frozen in 1425 of 9000 in the challenge esmerald

(TC Vectes) #32

Hi everyone,

Are you still having this issue?

As we continue to look into this, I would like to understand if there is a disparity between your kills count in game and the my-rewards page. Please post screenshots of both in this thread. Thank you.

(Ess Ascends) #33

How do i find them in game

(Bagnara05) #34

my challenge emerald gear season 5

Yesterday I had 2766 kills suddenly only 907 now I have caught up again more please fix errors Thank you


(johnnyTHEROOFER) #36

I had to 6400 Emerald Challenge kills it out of the blue reset to zero what the ■■■■ is going on and then I see some people running around with the character already I hope the coalition fixes this does not have to restart all over again now we got 200 kills

(JonWar2) #37


I have been restarted the progress to 0%, in the achievement and on the web.

Yesterday I had 25% of the achievement. This morning I played a few games of Coop vs AI and at the end of the last game I looked at the progress of the achievement and it was 2%. I looked on the web and had 195/9000, which more or less matches what I played today. More or less it has been restarted in the last 24 hours.

Game on Xbox ONE.

Sorry for my english.
Thank you.

(SliestTree8) #38

The same issue happened to be me this morning I was at 86% now I’m currently at 3%. What happened?

(Narutons12) #39

So i have been playing for a while now getting many kills and i check my emerald gear progress and it says 0. i know that my achivements are enabled on my pc, however this isn’t affecting my progress. Please help.
Thank you,
GT: Narutons12

(Bleeding Pepper) #40

Hopefully TC can fix this and restore everyone’s progress to what it was.

If not the deadline needs to be extended.

Or TC should automatically award a certain number of kills and downs to each player affected for every day they’re affect by this problem until it’s fixed.

(Narutons12) #41

I agree, this is a pretty pathetic problem… i dont know why there are so many problems with this stuff