My emerald gear kills got reset had almost 4000 now its back to 40 anyone have any ideas on how it happened

Does anyone have any ideas why my kills for the emerald gear was reset ive been grinding for 4 days got to almoat 4 k and now its down to 40 i need help man im thinking of quitoing gears for a while now



Are you on PC or Xbox One?
Where are you seeing this issue? In-game or on the web?

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Im on pc and im on the websight and all my kills got reset i had close to 4000

My gears won’t sync pretty much says I’ve just started the game even tho it shows I still have evrything…what is up with this…

Are you still having this issue?

Since you are on PC, please make sure that your Windows 10 Connected User Experiences and Telemetry service is enabled and up and running. You can find all details on how to enable it here - Gears 4 on Windows 10 - Known Issues and Workarounds (Paragraph “Achievements Not Unlocking”)

This might have been related to the Xbox Live Service Alert that we mentioned yesterday in this tweet:

It could have been a temporary visual bug. Please rest assured that your in-game progress was not lost.

Have a look at your achievements list in game (challenge is listed in there) and confirm that your kills count looks correct. Also please have a look at your my-rewards page and confirm everything looks correct too -

Thank you.

Hello, are you still having this issue?

I made mad progress over the last few days and same with blitz for the achievement of 100 caps and 200 breaks however logging in last night both were reset to zero progress.

Has anyone experienced this too?

I saw someone else post something saying that their Emerald Gear progress has reset too so you’re not alone.

I know that there were some problems with XBL last night which meant thay some Gears functions such as the in game store wasn’t working properly. TC apparently said the problem came from XBL’s end rather than their end, so maybe this had something to do with it?

It doesn’t seem to have affected me fortunately.


Hello, are you still having this issue? Please refer to my response above:

Why haven’t my kills been saved to the kill count for the emerald gear?

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Well you need to get them by playing any of the Versus playlists (Social, Core, Co-Op) It won’t count by playing Private/Lan, or Horde matches.

Hope that helps you!

Thanks all I play is versus already got 3 diamonds just need the 9000 kills

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Are you on PC? If so, here is a blurb from the My Rewards page:

If you are on PC, please make sure to activate the “Connected User Experiences and Telemetry” service on Windows 10 to ensure that your challenge progress is correctly tracking. Click here (paragraph “Achievements Not Unlocking”) to read more about the Telemetry service and how to activate it if it has been disabled.

Otherwise, I have no idea. Mine are counting immediately. Like it updates after every kill during the game lol

It wasn’t counting for me this morning in Co-Op vs A.I. on Casual on my console either. I started the day at 2% already attained for this achievement. I got over a combined 90 kills/downs on the King of the Hill match I played which should have moved me to 3% … still stuck on 2%.

Its still not counting my kills so imma just give up wait for gears 5


WOW! … the toxicity level on Casual vs A.I. Bots for people going after this challenge is through the roof. I’ve had half my kills blatantly stolen in multiple matches after they’ve seen me lancer the bot down and then cut me off to finish the kill. Then I saw one player just lose it… and I mean lose it… His kills were repeatedly stolen and the guy doing the stealing paid for it as the victim spent the rest of the match devoted to dogging and meleeing him wherever he tried to run. This was so hysterical that I failed to notice the swarm sneak up on me twice and chainsaw me from behind. LOL… Happy days man…


To be fair it is as bad as I have seen for a good while in ranked Hill as well! I’m still not doing it, as much as I can help. i.e sometimes in the heat of battle I might inadvertently “steal” a dbno.

One thing I absolutely will not do however is play vs bots. That is the same as speedruns in Horde to me B.O.R.I.N.G. and soul destroying.

OMG. My kills went from 146 now down to 106.
This is nuts. I don’t wanna play all this for thousands of hours and kills only for it to be reset. Can someone fix this bug?

Thanks for letting us know. Looking into your account.

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I cant find the achievement in my game only the websight its just disappointing I grindws all that time had 4000 kills now 665 q=will this be fixed