My drawing of queen myrrah, and ohhh God this was struggling



Please do Skorge, Imago or Minh Kim.
Imago preferably in all its naked glory


Ok I’ll try​:laughing::grin:

@GB6_Kazuya thoughts?

I had some much earlier this morning.

After taking the Forums rules into consideration I chose to take a deep breath and move on.


That actually looks a bit like Seven of Nine.

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See the source image

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Have you seen her on Picard yet? Still hot AF.

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I thought I had relapsed into heavy drug use and was so bad I didn’t even realize my use.

Turns out it was just bad art.

Scary moment though.

Don’t listen to Flames they’re in denial. They wouldn’t know art if it hit them like a master difficulty boomshot scion.

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Keeping an eye out for that Imago drawing.

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