My Dearest TC please

I know this has been talked about A LOT but your “suspensions” AREN’T HURTING THE QUITTERS. I just played 5 matches and guess how many finished with full teams??? ONE. Thats it just one. And guess what those quiters were doing…You bet ya, playing trash a** fortnight. This really needs to be addressed in Gears 5. There should really be a quitters playlist of some sort. These people shouldn’t be allowed to play with the rest of us. And the thing you should do with your “quit penalty” when you get it to work properly is not lower the time for matches completed. Let the timer stay where its at and only rise. This might teach people to finish the match. If you are such a sore loser stay out of ranked. Sorry people Rant over


This one will probably be ignored as well


Yea I know just needed to rant. So tired of people quitting to play f*cking fortnight of all games lol


My friends call it Fartnite for a reason…

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I really dont see the hype behind it. It doesnt take much skill. And personally if it wasn’t free I don’t think it would be as popular.


To each their own.

While I don’t enjoy it or any other battle royale game they’re all fairly popular for one reason or another. But to your original point you’re correct. Too many legit quitters go play Fortnite while the false penalties hurt the sportsmanlike players.