My controls tutorial (with overlay)

I made a tutorial to explain every control setting and scheme in detail. Want to become a Gears God? It all starts here.


Man, no idea why this thread isn’t getting any love. Great tutorial, quick and very straight forward and your voice was very clear as well.

As a person who plays thumbs, I find it hard for me to play tournament and claw. I definitely, feel like I am missing out on certain bounce movement compared to my friends that play on everything but default,

I was thinking about buying an elite controller and remapping the bottom right paddle to A. So I can still point and shoot traditionally without holding my controller differently y as far as finger placement.

Nevertheless, Superb tutorial!


I did that very thing and it opened so many doors for me. Being able to move one way and shoot in another gives you a lot of flexibility. Plus, I just find it easier on my hands. I never found modern controllers to be very ergonomic but having my aim and shoot, along with my A and X on the bottom gives me more comfortable, effortless grip.

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Lol, I just commented, in another thread, how have those 4 back controls (paddles or buttons) really opens up the possibilities and lets you customize the controls for what specifically works for YOU.

Something like an Elite is an AWESOME investment for your gaming, like a virtual surround headset which lets you hear people running up on you.

Not cheap but both are awesome to play with.