My chat does not work anymore


Since like a week or two i have not been able too chat. I have tried turning it off and back on but it still won’t work.

I can write something and it will just show it but no one including my team will be able too see it. I don’t see any other people chatting either.

I was thinking about a ban but too be honest i never swear or anything like that. I take the piss like others but always end up with a gg message. I also installed the game again but also that did not help.

Anyone know what i can do?


Your not alone


You’re not alone. I have many xbox friends say this too. I’ve not had any experience in Gears 5, only in Gears 4.

It is said Coalition is shadow banning. Either way they won’t talk about it.

There’s no other logical conclusion unless Xbox/Coalition wants to say there’s a major issue with the communications feature. It seems like the studio’s communication is getting worse since Dana left.

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@TC_Kilo1062 maybe this time.

It has been kicked over to QA, that’s about all I can do!


Thanks mate, I am also getting this issue now.

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Chat is too last century…
Please use telepathic communication!