My char drops the mace everytime they go down?

Is this normal? With their recent buff I decided to dust off my protector class again which is only lvl 10. Melee classes are the ones I use the least and as a result have the lowest amount of knowledge. On blood drive I was guarding the side hallway with tri shots. If something big got close id pop the shield and stomp with the mace. If I got downed while I was carrying the mace in my hands it forced me to drop it and it disappeared. Is this a bug? I don’t remember having this issue before but I hardly used the mace. Luckily power was plentiful and I could buy a new one every time.

I don’t know if the mace durability penalty still exists when downed, but if you get hit by like a strong melee attack or Boomshot/other explosive and the durability of the mace goes to 0 from that hit, you will lose it when revived.

Only switch to the mace when really using it.
It will soak a miniscule amount of damage and then break, in theory the mace as damage mitigation was a good idea, except it really only wastes 4000 resources above advanced.
Basically you going down with mace in hand means it soaked it’s max amount of damage and thus will break.


I had no idea it took dmg for you. It must be a minuscule amount if I hadn’t realized it until now.


It is.

It’s amazing how warden can destroy all fortifications while doing hulk smash thing, and yet it does 0 damage to the mace while holding it.

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Still better than this glitch:

Why does a melee weapon have an ammo bar to begin with? I don’t recall the cleavers in 2-3-Judgement having that.

Balancing - easily the best weapon in the game if used correctly.

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I’ve mostly been using heavy weapons until they get close. Pop the shield and slam through it. But like I said, I’m very new to melee classes. More of an Engineer/Gunner main.

You could only pick up cleavers in 3 and Judgment because only Butchers had them in 2 and didn’t drop them on death. They also had ammo in both games and eventually broke and your character dropped them.

I’ve seen alot of people bash TC for their decision of giving the mace ammo and it breaking but Epic Games did the same thing and no one complained about it.

I’ve said this before in another post but BM with Brawler and max bladedancer stacks using a heavy attack from a mace with level 10 bleed perk ot level 6 venom blade is the highest damage output in the game from a singular hit with no buffs from other classes and not counting ultimates. It needs to break completely or it’ll be the most busted weapon in the game. @SNAKEYWAKEY389 suggested that it shouldnt break when the ammo runs out but it will then become unusable until you get ammo or switch it out. The mace breaking doesn’t bother me in the slightest but his idea seems like a good compromise.


On master, your mace completly break even with 100% ammo left (tested recently with an enemy torch bow), if you get downed.
The mace breaks if the ammo is 0 and you have to buy a new one or pick up from a warden.

Yes. I too think this is NOT a good idea, even as a mainly melee player. The better option would be if the ammo reach zero, you won’t attack with ur mace anymore until u pick up ammo / use locker.

That’s not true. If it’s on your back it will survive sometimes with little bit of health left.

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If there is a spare locker that engineer has build when no one is using it then by all means you could put more breaker mace once you killed warden/s…

This way it could save you from wasting 4,000 power every so often.

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For Palace Guards not to pick up that weapon.

If its on your back it will generally survive no ? At least that is my experience.

I keep reading posts on the forums saying that the mace offers a slight buff in damage resistance when holstered, is this true? Because I don’t notice it at all.

I dont think people complained about the cleavers in gow 3 breaking because 1) we didnt have classes at the time that kind of depended on a breakable melee weapon and 2) the cleaver was always IMO more of a joke weapon or fun weapon than an effective one. Frankly the only thing it has in common with the breaker mace is that its a melee weapon. It has no AOE like the breaker mace, didnt stagger on hit, less range, less damage, etc. You pretty much only used it if you were on easier difficulties on low rounds because once you started getting to higher rounds even in casual horde it would take like 4 hits just to kill a normal drone.

When holstered I don’t know, when actively having it out it does.
It’s very minor though so you generallly won’t notice it.

I think the best check though is charging a Elite Claw drone, you should notice you will take hits but no damage the first 2 times or so, after that your mace is usually gone.

I’m pretty sure it’s only when holding it.