My challenge to my fellow Gears

So I decided to make a challenge to all of my fellow gamers. Are You Serious ? will be a group of mine for all Gears enthusiasts. The challenge is to complete the following on Insane difficulty.

Gears Of War
Gears Of War 2
Gears Of War 3
Gears Of War: Judgment
The Aftermath campaign (Judgment)
Gears Of War: Ultimate Edition
Gears Of War 4
Gears 5.

So far I’ve completed Gears 1-3, Judgment, and Aftermath on Insane. I’m going to start Gears Of War: Ultimate on Insane and work on that one next. Kind of a bummer that there was no achievement tied to completing Aftermath on Insane, but oh well.

Glad to be done with Judgment as it was very difficult due to bad game design. I actually ran out of ammo a few times and because you can’t have a sidearm, I had to restart. It was worth it for the story though. Everyone kept telling me that Karn was a nightmare on Insane, but I beat him on the first try. I found regular Reaver squads to pose more of a challenge.

Nah. Im good. BEEN there . DONE THAT

Except for judgement . Tht IS NOT A GEARS GAME. I played tht game for 10 days ( thts being generous)
And TC has made their own little judgement game with op. 3 update


It is just a friendly challenge, no pressure. Yes and even Aftermath in it was a lot better, but still plagued by the same gimped gameplay.

I actually almost restarted an entire section cause we entered an area with no ammo and I had 130 bullets left in my Lancer and 0 bullets in my Long Shot and there also were no other weapons and then we encountered lots of Lambent Humans. So basically I got around this by babysitting the Ai after dying quite a few times.

Didn’t like Gameplay in Judgment at all, too much miss rather than hit. I also found the Declassified missions to not be fun and many were pointless. Yep I’ll just use Locust weapons only for this challenge, it isn’t ike you guys lowered the ammo rounds for many weapons and removed the sidearm. I really didn’t care about the Star system. I just ignored the side missions and stars and played the game. You know, like an actual Gears game.

No Raam’s shadow?

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i beat gears of war 1 on insane when i was like 11

I can’t even beat raam on normal mode

Are you me?
I just did all that the past month including DLC’s and Inconceivable.

Screw Gears 2 Insane mode btw
And Karn is super easy compared to the Tempest and Raam (without the cheese).

Happy to give pointers if you’d like.

Sounds fun.
Well I’ve done the good ones, Pretty sure I did the Jears stuff as well.

Who in their right mind would want to do G4 though? There is only so much shooting deebee’s with the enforcer that one man should suffer through.

I’ll get round to doing G5 at some point, but the moment I get stuck with enforcers I’m out.

Well I’d love to play Gears of War again on Insane, and did recently get through most of it, but it keeps crashing at certain points and destroying all my progress. GoW 1 and even GoW UE campaigns are bugged as hell on W10 and pretty much unplayable because of stuff like this.

In the original Gears of War how does everbody keep Dom from dieing? No matter what I do he just walks into the dark and gets eaten by kyrll when I fight Raam.

It’s luck sadly, but I’d recommend cheesing the Raam fight with the Torque Bow/Grenade (to make him vulnerable) and Lancer combo until he goes down. He should be dead by the time you start getting low on Lancer ammo.

Nice challenge. I’ve finished all on insane (Raam was probably the hardest). Have not played G4 incon or iron, yet …

Honestly, take a mate with you and do it in co-op. They dont even have to do much just avoid raam and stay in the light.
I believe the main strat was alternate between active torque and active longshot. Torque for clearing the kryll active longshot for headshots until kryll return.
If you are super lucky, raam can get stuck walking around where he spawns, then just sit at the end you start in and torque/snipe. Which takes a lot less tiem when you don’t have to move.

If I remember correctly (take this with a large pinch of salt) if you kill the…flying things following along with the train, the raven will occasionally enage with raam, providing at least some distraction.

Just a fellow Gears enthusiast. It is funny that Gears Ultimate is bringing back so many memories. I remember how perfect reloading took me time to get used to and that was the first achievement I unlocked in Ultimate cause perfect reloading is very important on Insane.

Also cause of years of experience now, areas that used to give me trouble aren’t that hard anymore. I guess back then, I was playing the game like Call Of Duty Veteran where checkpoints nullifies incoming waves. I had to learn that Gears wasn’t like that though. Like I remember getting stuck at the end of Act 3 for a few days cause of the Theron Guards with the Torque Bows. However now I was very familiar with them and let them shoot the bow, then attack. I died only once during this part cause a Guard snuck up on me with a Shotgun. I also learned to play defensively and back myself at the beginning of a section just to have a clear view of everyone rather than rush like I did years ago.

I love the Torque Bow. I like revving it up in blind fire mode and then aiming at the right time to stick an enemy cause you take a lot of damage out of hugging cover, especially in this game.

I have also noticed that enemies take a lot more damage in this game. Like in other games, one shot to the head with the Long Shot would remove the helmet and another would cut them down, but not in this game. I also noticed how it is impossible to seems to score a headshot on an enemy that is using the turret and so I just got good at throwing grenades. Like the reticle would indicate that I missed the headshot even though it was dead on. Might be a glitch?

As for what someone else said. Yes the Ai is very annoying in this game. They are useless and many times I’d go Rambo mode and take out everyone else as everyone else was downed. Another bad thing is that the Ai won’t move when downed and so it can get annoying if they stray off.

As for Dom, yeah he got in the way a lot. I hated Berserker encounters cause he would always get downed and when that happens it is over. Even if she barely walks over him, it crushes him.

Years ago, I completed Gears 1 in co op and yeah the Raam fight was tough. Hopefully I can do it solo without Dom getting in the way. I seem to have more patience these days. The part where we were in the junker car and there was Kryll, only took me 2 tries. Before, it was like 20. I realized that driving slowly was the best route.

Funny that you mention Gears 2. I don’t remember it causing me that much trouble as I did it solo. I did Gears 3 in 4 player co op and that one was a Nightmare I remember even getting to the Queen, jeez. Easily the hardest moment in a Gears game. Fitting as it was supposed to be the final one originally.

Challenge declined as I’ve done most of them anyway and lack of interest.

You called? I did Gears 4 Insane and Incon solo. Sure as hell not an experience I intend on repeating. The DBs aren’t the problem there(besides Sentinels), it’s the ridiculous sponge Swarm that will charge through entire Lancer mags to kill you with a single melee, Boltok or Gnasher hit. Or catch you in an almost unwinnable chainsaw duel.

Re the challenge…

I’ve made it to RAAM solo in Gears UE Insane but can’t beat him for some reason. As soon as I go anywhere but the starting area the Kryll immediately kill me, Dom is totally useless or I just get killed by RAAM’s Troika aimbot when I try to do anything to land shots on him or he moves up to the starting area I cannot seem to leave and kills me there if he’s close to death.

Gears 2 Insane can sod off when I keep failing at the rig section because the game decides Nemacyst explosions that are nowhere near it destroy the driver’s cabin, or that the Reaver that starts smashing into it just sponges hundreds of chaingun bullets just because it can. Coop is far too laggy even when I connect to EU players for some reason.

Have not attempted Gears 3 Insane. I suspect I won’t want to.

Judgement? After how ridiculous some parts in that game are on Hardcore, I doubt I’ll want to try it on Insane. Same goes for Aftermath. Plus, the control scheme being different is one hell of a throwoff.

Done Gears 4 Insane/Incon and Gears 5 Insane solo. Definitely not repeating 4, it almost entirely is controller throwing rage inducing BS from start to finish as soon as you run into the Swarm. Inconceivable is slightly less worse than Insane in 4 but still has the same issues in the ridiculous sections clearly not made for that difficulty, or not well made.


Gears 3 insane was very difficult. Even with me and 3 other heavy Gears fans at the time. We saw Game Over countless times at the final part of the game with Myrrah’s Last Stand. Just getting to her at the top of the tower was a Nightmare. When it comes to boss difficulty, I’d place them in order.

  1. Queen Myrrah
  2. RAAM
  3. Skorge (Gears 2)
  4. Karn (Judgment)
  5. The Kraken (Gears 5)
  6. The Hive Guardian (Gears 4).

Yeah Judgment had way too many annoying parts. And because of the Smart Spawn System, you never knew which enemies you were getting. Also, The Fortress with Cole can go to Hades. That D-Day like level was a Nightmare with the mortars and turrets. Then you had to contend with a Mauler too. Getting Lion Heart on Insane was satisfying though cause only 1% of people that have played the game has it.

Not looking forward to Gears 4 or especially Gears 5 on Insane. Lmao, they were punishing even on Hardcore.

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For Gears 3 Insane, I had a lot more trouble with the Lambent Stalk outside of Griffin’s Refinery after you meet him in Act 4 than I did with the Tempest. Honestly the Theron Guards weren’t a problem for me, it was the Shriekers.
And because Insane mode follows Gears’ code of ridiculously spongey enemies they take a lot of ammo and patience to take down and they’ll never stop coming. It almost makes the Tempest a big DPS check.

Gears 2 Insane was the worst because most of the deaths I could never prepare for, all because of Dom’s awful AI and the fact that he could actually bleed out, and he bleeds out fast.
That and garbage like Torque Bows clipping through cover and Dom sending exploding Grenadiers over my head while I’m in cover.

Gears 1 is relatively easy going until the end of Act 3 once the Therons show up and then it’s one gauntlet after another, especially Act 5’s PC levels.

I’ll never run Insane mode again until Gears 6 rolls around.
However I had LOTS of fun with Gears 4 Inconceivable because the enemies weren’t spongey anymore. That change alone made Incon SO MUCH MORE FUN than Insane because fights don’t overstay their welcome, even with less ammo it just worked so much better. I really wish Incon was the new Insane mode going forward.

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This was my reaction when I saw the requirements for Iron Man. I’d be ok with a death cause you to restart the chapter, but the game ? I ain’t got time for that. Even though you can do it on Hardcore, that’s still too much stress lol.

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Miss me with that bs, it’s waaaay to easy to die and I’m not about to spend 40+ hours inching my way through a campaign for that.

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