My Biggest Talk about gears (Hate me if you want)

Hello Community,
This is what I think about the game and what I say about it.

  1. Gears 5 is kinda cheap… not how much it costs but it gore. I find the parts of your character falling apart instead where you shoot is cheap. If you go back to the old gears, you notice the part that you shoot fall off but in gears 4 &5 it failed that. The gore from the body’s is just juice not guts…
    When I wanted to play gears, I want to see the gore continue from the other games. But it look like that stop. Another thing, this is the most disapointing part I see in this game but not too disappointing but at least dum or cheap. You can see your dead corspe behind cover. I don’t know why but it doesn’t get me that this game has bad point of view.

  2. The hearts of our community<3…
    We love how people work together and yell at you when just playing a game. Telling you to quit , get a life, git good, and b carmine telling you that “you Suck” (Lol). We do like to ban you forks out there to make the community grow nicer. Wrong, no matter what we do , the community strike hate and our color no matter what. This chat system is useless in versus. I don’t know why we have it here but people just going to message you on xbox anyways. The toxic community blame people and just sus how bad you are and strike your weak spot. Which is sad. Gears has a somewhat a low population because of this. I don’t see why make people quit if you need them to keep gear popular for that rank playlist. This concern me a lot and this just make the game feel bad as you think. Even tho weapons in this game is pretty bad balance and makes the feel off for its core gameplay. The community donesn’t know what to blame and it just makes the game feel meh. So blaming people for their skills shouldn’t be a problem because people like me can’t try or tryhard enough. And people strike those people feeling because the game makes you feel that way. The rage of our personal selves just unleashed like animals. So that make chat active and toxic as we see today. It pretty bad system not blocking those words or bad the person in chat which would be a better out come then reporting every single person for chatting their toxic hate. That my fix if I made a chat system. But what can do now days…

  3. Just why…
    I can’t stand how bad the gnasher is right now. It works and almost accurate with this balance.
    But something feels off and broken that character are too spongy to kill or shots can shoot behind/side of the barrel of the gun. Seems legit right or that not how guns shoot. When playing a game that devs tested they still don’t get what we are seeing. It like my game is broken and everyone game works kinda thing. This can’t be true you just joking but I’m not. Same goes with our favorite toy,. Boomshot. Why does this thing feels nerf or broken I can say. Well the boom is just random or it’s hit box just blows. I can’t seem that the devs don’t put this in their notes. We’re screaming at them but it doesn’t seem to do anything for our feedback. And this is bad for our community. Coalition are saying their doing important stuff but it just look like they just doing money stuff like skins and characters. Tuning balance stuff is something but not enough. It just makes the game feel more toxic then a fix. But I say it a headache and some button mashing finger plains. Jus…t Just why. The community can’t make their minds and the devs are sitting with stress blocking the bad and thinking about the good that they going to do to the game. Its really sad or their used to it… I don’t know, I don’t work there. It just makes me feel more sus then what it is. Whatever going to happen to this year, well we hope it doesn’t get worst. (*See the page for next balance core… :eyes: ahhhhhhhhhh) well it can’t be that bad… right, right, Right!

Well this ends mys talk about gears so far. Just stay safe and note that taking a breaks after each match be a worth awhile to drink water.
stay motivated everyone :smirk::ok_hand:

(Note I’m trying to fix my mistake s. I’m not too perfect for seeing these mistake. Just be nice about it and tell me.)

Thank you and I’m sorry


You do not need to apologise for expressing your opinion in a decent manner. It’s the whole point of these forums.

  1. I completely agree. The lack of blood really disheartens me. I’d rather have more blood than silly emotes in the game or “blood sprays”… I don’t understand why they couldn’t exploit the blood when this game was built on gore. Blood is the “X” factor to this game.

Having the blood stain on your screen mid gnasher battles was so interesting. Added that extra element. People complained though, shame. Some of the community just want to try hard all the time without realizing this is a game for pure enjoyment.

  1. The toxic chat is the worst. I’ve been saying just to make it team chat only. Because I’m trying to play & people start bickering.

Again, not realizing this is just a game. Nothings on the line besides a rank that isn’t hard to obtain if you give a little effort & time.

Only in TDM I get frustrated because I’ve played it at a really high level and compared to now the player base is heavily watered down but calling out my team doesn’t do anything but make them play worse.

So I play king now & even if my team sucks I have a good time because I can bounce & practice. As opposed to TDM where I don’t have the luxury because of the death system.

  1. I agree the gnasher is off. The boom should shoot like an active without an active & should be more explosive with an active, it is a boom…

Instead of focusing on the “tunings” for over a year the servers should have been top priority.

I believe you’re experiencing this. It’s not that you’re bad or anything. Sometimes the server will just be more geared to the opponent & you can tell big time. You have to adjust how you play but it shouldn’t be like that.

There should be consistency amongst servers. Some servers I’ll be a god & other I need to shoot 3x or 4x while I get 1 shotted.

Always dependent on ping too. Even though my pings lower I feel like it gives them an advantage with shots & being sponges. Other times ping is an advantage by everything connecting.

Really depends & that’s not good for the player base because they don’t have that consistency.

Not only do we have to adapt to tunings but also the random servers it throws at us.

I’ve been requesting this for a while from a real PvP player & not a pro who plays heavily customs but TC does not value a top players perspective, who just wants to benefit the community instead of my bottom line.

Most of the PvP base is saying the same stuff I’ve been saying. Doesn’t matter what rank, we’re all United in this, for the majority.

Just wish they could fix the servers or explain why they can’t fix them so we at least understand.