My biggest problem with competitive matches

I was checking the forum and saw a really good commentary:

"5 Silver 3’s 12k points equals 60k team skill points
2 Masters 20k plus 3 Bronze 3’s equals 58k

So the team of Silver 3’s are expected to win, hahahaha!!

This is a really example for one of the biggest problems I have with the game.

If you don’t fix this, I’m done with your game!

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Seems like you’ve solved your own problem, hooray!

You have a bigger problem in your house since you transmitted aids to mama cat daddy Derek

It doesn’t matter the ranks man… I mean play for the thrill of having fun :slight_smile:

It’s not that the game its going to give you anything just becuase you have a higher rank than someone else… it doesn’t solve the TEPCO Nuclear Crisis on going right now.

So what do you plan to do once you’re able to see ranks?

Dodge lobbies? Throw games?