My adventure to play this game on PC recently

This game is a nightmare to play now on PC

For the last month or so I get a error code because of anti cheat, I have to reinstall and repair the easy anti cheat and after maybe 10 times it finally launches.
Figured it was my antivirus so I specifically chose it to allow this file just in case, not a fix.
So then thought it was the actual anti cheat system yet I load up the MCC no issue and it uses the same feature.

All this and I have to occasionally delete files just to get my fps to perform normally.

I have downloaded and played many games the only game I have experienced worse on pc is a 13 year old silent hill game, this isn’t a joke this is my nightmare.

But at least I have my PC advantage :roll_eyes:


Thats why I ended up jumping ship on PC, dealt with problems for a few weeks and just said “screw this”, people think gears is so much better on PC but this game doesnt even work on the platform.


If I ever get a ps5 I’m done on PC unless gears 6 whenever that comes out works better on pc

Sadly gears is the only exclusive I like on Xbox so getting a Xbox won’t happen even if it was available

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I crash with grey screen once every time I have a gaming session with this game. The truth is TC always programmed this game for PC players to work harder to play than console players. That’s is a slap in the face. Now TC doesn’t bother to trouble shoot problems anymore for PC. That’s a double slap in the face. Game plays like a hacked game for sure. But PC advantage right? Total Joke.

That is quite the conspiracy.
I have literally 0 issues playing on the PC.
I installed and was fine.


I was one of many who suffered the disaster to play this game on PC

But now after 5 months of play I didn’t have issues, expect some random and sudden stuttering in the worst moments like escaping from an enemy or in the most intense battle moments.
What I’m almost 100% sure is Windows 10 doesn’t help anything to play smoothly.

Each time they releases a patch or also Nvidia/AMD releases their drivers, they break something, forcing me to do a clean install. Is annoying and a shame, so I decided keep the O.S. as clean as possible, only installing Chrome, Steam (where I bought the game, I avoid MS Store like a plague, is the worst piece of crap ever made) and OBS Studio, not to install every driver they release until I see there’s no issues, and pause Windows Update, it helped a lot to keep the system not too crappy