My account is not uploading exp or stars

I have a little problem with my gears account, I always do the challenges to raise the level and do the reups and 3 days ago the account stopped raising exp, it does not add or exp or add the stars or add challenges either.
For example, I do the challenges of making headshots, in the game I get the normal medal, but when I return to the room it does not count.

There’s already multiple threads on this issue.

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Nice quote.

Only TC can fix this and they said investigating (i really doubt about it. no hot fix or re-sync account for temporary fix even no mention about how they will compensate it. only saying is keep wait.)

all we can do is sending tickets and wait for they fix it even in middle of our interest and patience dry

Thanks. Quicker than typing. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Closing as there’s already a thread for this issue.