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My 30x eSports Suppoter Pack 14 Opening Video

(III EnVii III) #1

Hey Guys,

My Pack opening vid is now live for anyone interested in drop rates for this pack!

Love the characters so far in this:

(ll R E D l) #2

You really have a problem bro :joy::joy::joy::joy:

(III EnVii III) #3

Yeah, too much :dollar::money_with_wings::dollar:

Only joking :joy::joy::joy:

(mike yaworski) #4

Relevant clips showing off the Lightning Storm skin that’s in the pack. Not worth it at all IMO but judge for yourself:

(Krylon Blue) #5

The lightning skins you can create are better than these. I bought a few packs just for Benjamin Carmine and the emblem. It was a waste to be honest but I really only play Gears and I had Xbox currently so what the hell.

(III EnVii III) #6

I agree. the skins aren’t the best.

The base colour should be a nice Black or even Black Steel.

The Lightning animation needs to be on permanent and animated/pulsating.

Same thoughts with the Sundered Skins, the base colour was not the best. Black and Yellow would have looked so much better!