My 30x eSports Suppoter Pack 14 Opening Video

Hey Guys,

My Pack opening vid is now live for anyone interested in drop rates for this pack!

Love the characters so far in this:

You really have a problem bro :joy::joy::joy::joy:


Yeah, too much :dollar::money_with_wings::dollar:

Only joking :joy::joy::joy:


Relevant clips showing off the Lightning Storm skin that’s in the pack. Not worth it at all IMO but judge for yourself:


The lightning skins you can create are better than these. I bought a few packs just for Benjamin Carmine and the emblem. It was a waste to be honest but I really only play Gears and I had Xbox currently so what the hell.


I agree. the skins aren’t the best.

The base colour should be a nice Black or even Black Steel.

The Lightning animation needs to be on permanent and animated/pulsating.

Same thoughts with the Sundered Skins, the base colour was not the best. Black and Yellow would have looked so much better!

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