My 20x Gears of War 4 eSports Supporter Pack 11 Opening Video + Character Comparisons + Feedback

Yeah, a bit more exclusive that just regular content but it shouldn’t be there full stop.

Oh i completely agree there should be no filler. But at least they can make the filler a little more exclusive. I really think they would sell WAY more packs if it weren’t so shady. It really is what keeps me away. I bought 1 and that was it. I would love a BS Baird or Hoffman but I’m not gambling for cosmetics especially with all the newer games coming out. I’m sorry TC but cosmetics arent gonna keep me coming back. Game play will

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Here’s hoping Gears 5 will have straight up purchases like the Lambent Packs.

One price for the content you want.

Well if other countries follow The Netherlands and a few others paid RNG will be gone for good as they consider it gambling and we may finally all get our wish. My only fear of this is that developers are gonna jack up prices

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Even if the prices are higher, you still won’t get caught up in the RNG and Filler BS.

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Bang on review, the characters were underwhelming (granted I’ve been using the drone none stop as he’s ok lol), the skins are pretty sweet and the emblem finally got me to change off my gears elite controller emblem. Can’t watch the video where I’m at work but if you ended up with the complete gun skin collection I’m definetly jealous. Only esport skins I like more are the primordial and Vegas skins.

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I too am using the Drone but when I play against it, it does hardly look black Steel.

And I did indeed complete the entire weapon set :raised_hands:

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The black steel ones should have the emulsion explosion effect.

Anything to make them a little bit more different :+1: