My 20x Gears of War 4 eSports Supporter Pack 11 Opening Video + Character Comparisons + Feedback

Hey Everyone,

I wanted to showcase my experience of opening 20x Packs for eSports 11, for those interested to see what the drop rates are like.

I want to state some feedback for @TC_Octus and the team. The Black Steel Lambent Characters have to be by far the worst Character design and choice so far, even worse than Pack 2 (my previous least favorite pack).

The Lambent characters firstly don’t really blend in well because the Labency, the colour and the way its applied to the characters looks “off” - it doesnt really fit into Gears 4’s art style IMO. It hard to explain but the Lambent Lines look way to slim, too many and also a strange shade of yellow.

Also, LIGHTS! Black Steel Characters should have far more intricate and detailed lighting.

The only redemption on this pack are the weapon skins, and thats the sole reason why i bought them.

Even still, they are only considred “good” and definitely not premium quality.

I understand the focus is on Gears 5 but eSports 11 could have been so much better. I guess Pack Sales will do the talking, I dont see many people buying these.

Hopefully there is a Pack 12 - and hopefully that would be back to 5 Highly Detailed Characters and some awsome weapon skins.

The only good eSports skins are:

1). Emissive Black Steel

2). Sundered

3). Console

and also Primordial was nice too.

Having said that, feedback for Gears 5 - better packs, better value (no filler) and also more frequent packs!

Pu the right effort into good packs, with no RNG / declining card pool / no dupes and people will buy!

Anyway, here is my video, please note that the 4K 60FPS option will take a couple of hours for YouTube to process but should available soon!

And on a side note, I think the Emblem actually looks really nice and its the first time in almost 2 years I’ve changed from my Rockstar one!


London supporter are lovely skins as well. My go-to’s

The Supporter Skins I have liked are Vegas S1, S2 was ok and the Mexico S2 were also ok.

But hardly see anyone using the Supporter Varients!

You will if you see me online…At least my COG, Sam with London. I have only ever used the L.S. emblem since I got it as well.

As for this pack as I have already stated, it is very poor, at least the weapons are dynamic. As you probably know I keep banging on that the weapons and emblem should be dynamic with Esports packs. The characters should also have 5-10 inique voice lines.

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Yeah, I agree, also, the Voice Over lines are indeed really bad. I hope Gears 5 has a lot more variety as it really helps add to the experience.

Maybe also a few funny lines if everyone is sat camping too :grimacing:

“My leg is cramping up!”

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“Guys this isn’t a picnic!”

“Are you dead or alive?!”

“This is so boring!”

“Are we soldiers or cowards?!”

“Are we fearless or cowards?!”


“Let’s just squat for a while”

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“Erm, guys, what are we waiting for?”

“You sit, I sit”

Not going to lie they look extremely similar to the regular packs but I guess they did it that way for the people who can’t grind have a second chance getting a glowing I still might get one or two when Columbus start.

Yeah, they look really similar.

I even think the original lambents look semi-dark already.

i actually warmed up to the san diego skins myself that and the syndrome and team animal skins are pretty dope as well

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I did like the Animal Skins :+1:

Didn’t get any but they were nice!


i dont think the mamba skins are terrible but they’re not for me i dont like the animated skins so much i wish they were just solid skins that’d make the detail look nicer but i think fight night still has the top spot for me

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See I wish the animation was was the opposite end so that, like you said, you can see the detail better.

But this is TC so 1 step forward and 3 steps back :laughing:

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i might buy them if the supporter skins are any good since there’s a high chance these are the last packs February being the last event and all for gears 4 and if they do have an esports 12 they’d better have ben and theron for gods sake

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After watching, the 1 thing I noticed is that paid packs guarantee 5 cards but of those only 3 are the content you really paid for. 2 cards are always filler. And to get things like the Uniform Hoffman and Del Necklace in paid pack is straight disrespect to the people that are buying these packs and the reason I won’t put a dime into these anymore. I bought a couple a few packs ago and felt so ripped off.


Here’s hoping - TC could surprise us with some nice supporter skins!

And yeah, last chance if there is one more event.

That’s why I hope they go out on a 5-Character pack :crossed_fingers:

I agree,

Why have 2 slots filler!

And seeing a bounty and other useless cards is disappointing.

Especially when I’m approaching 100,000 scrap with nothing to get.

I wasn’t even the 1 to buy these packs and when I saw the bones skin, necklace skin and hoffman I yelled WTF lol. Thats not even right to keep putting these types of items in. If anything they should at least fill it with weekly pack items the you cant get with scrap