My 1st day Impressions and input

Good morning everyone,

Yesterday I got to log on to gears 5 tech test which I was really excited for. I even clocked out of work early just to get more time on this test. However I was greatly mislead right after the boot camp part, Which is just leaves a foul taste if you are a gears fan. While I really liked what I played (when I was allowed too that is) overall so far the negatives out weigh the good. So lets go over some of the points to discuss what I enjoyed and didn’t last nite.

PROS: Graphics are great!
No framerate dips on the XBOX X that I encountered.
Gunplay feels fresh again, and learning the guns was fun
Shotty Nerf (Am sure ppl will disagree but we needed this)
Melee system was pretty fun
New weapons are fantastic
New character models were nice
New maps are very cool
New flash Nade is awesome.

CONS: Servers were S*t!
Wait time to get into a match was cringing
The new inverted damage OMEN looks childish (get rid of it!)
Having the RB as the chainsaw was not the best of choices am sure something can be done here
TTK on some guns didn’t feel right
Smoke Grenade nerf makes it feel useless, either make it better or replace it.
Making a party was a joke, DID I SEE LAG IN PPL JOINING MY ROOM!!? how embarrassing.
When queuing up for arcade mode with more than 2 ppl my game would freak out!?
Lord forgive me when trying to click on ranked! I was forced to restart my game.
Sometimes I would CNX a search only to have a error message then suddenly a MAP would LOAD!!>?
Even after the gods of gaming would let me join a map…it would still take like 5 min+ waiting for it to start!
My friends reported that even after getting into a map some would just get booted for no reason?
Arcade mode is a fun distraction but overall felt super unbalanced.
More over on Arcade, if you joined mid game the other team would have so many power guns it made my team flat out rage quit there for making the experience very unpleasant.
Recycled Voice lines from Gears 4 also was unwelcomed. Am sure you guys can record new ones.
At times I saw a bug where a person would quit but the model was just running in place for the entire match!? It felt like a decoy and the enemy team abused the crap out of it.
While am sick of the Gnasher spammers, not having this in a loadout is kinda stupid as it is a staple of gears and one of the main reasons PPL come back for. Not sure what you were thinking.
Another thing I notice is TC is really trying hard to add gloss to the atmosphere but gears is about being gritty and dirty.
Music, is really lacking here guys. Where is the bombastic Music!? It should be pumping you up not putting you to bed!
Finally I S
T you not. I was forced to unplug my ethernet cable. Why>? For some strange reason I was able to get into matches in seconds with Wifi? Really? Your networking ppl need to get replaced ASAP!

I really have mixed feeling about gears 5 now, while am still willing to give some more chances since this is a TECH TEST (thank the lordy you made this clear). Never the less PPL today are less understanding and most times you get one shot with them. You have to realize you messed up pretty bad here. It doesn’t require much to see ppl hate this game already, in fact I know folks that are cnx’ing that pre order fast. Not to mention most folks are calling this Gears 4.5 or Gears 4.1 remastered edition. U really cannot blame them. I have not played a test this bad since Halo TMCC, and we all know how that went down. I have faith the Coalition will get this fixed in time but for the love of god next time give us a working mode on your 1st outing. Thanks a bunch and I will try to get some bug screen shots to bring to your attention.

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