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MVP whilst in a team with an afk during koth and lost large amount of ank points?

I thought individual performance was important too. Most caps, points, eliminations. By quite a large margin and poof, back to diamond 1. Whatsup with that? Punished for having an afk? Regardless of how well you play yourself? Might as well just leave the match instantly when there’s an afk then

Afkers are so much worse than quitters. At least the rating system goes easier on you when it sees you’re 4v5 but It still sees you as 5v5 with an afker. Pretty awful.

Yet now we’re not allowed to quit ourselves sooo kinda just have to deal with it and let the system ■■■■ you.

They shouldn’t detract such an enormous amount of points when a player performs very well despite the odds though. Then the MVP literally has no meaning.

I hope they’ll rework mm