Mvp still loses % so dumb


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I definitely have to agree with you. If you lose, but get mvp you should not go down. If anything you should go up because you outplayed everybody on the winning team.

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Can you provide a screenshot of the game where you went down?

I’ve had the same issue time and time again, I was at onyx 99.41% and I am now at 53.77% because most of the time my teammates quit on me, while they hop into another match. I’ve lost % on wins as well, which to me makes no sense. It’s hard to keep playing Gears of War 4 and makes me less optimistic each day for Gears 5 simply because of the obvious disconnect between fans and TC. The issues people have with this game have been the same since season 0, they’ll throw skin packs at you and little events, but to be quite honest with you I’m quite fed up with all of their antics. It really makes me sad to see so many complaints and even from myself but just to be blunt, they got this one wrong. They need to be more like these newer games, much more involved, listen to the fans, and stop saying they’ll do one thing then do the other, and please make some type of system where quitters get matched with other quitters at this point idk. I’d be fine if they got like whole day bans.