MVP ribbon/ Top player Bonus Glitch in PvP

So before the Victory Screen comes up, you get the MVP ribbon and MVP (top player) bonus points/GP.

So you would obviously expect your character model to be present on the victory screen, performing an emote with your banner behind.

But no, its some other player in your team who takes up your spot.
How is that possible?

Afterwards, the scoreboard shows up. It is later observed that the other person has more GP than you. (Sometimes).
Why does the game even bother giving the MVP ribbon and MVP bonus to you? I don’t even know if that other guy got the same MVP bonus as me, or got deprived of it.

This has happened twice to me and multiple times to my friend.
Is this a known glitch?

The only thing I can think of is the “playing solo bonus”. You get mvp while playing in a group and 2nd score was playing solo so he gets the bonus after the game ends.

Just a guess though, G5 is not fun for solo ranked play for me.


The solo bonus cripples squads regarding the leaderboard.

I often play solo so do understand the reasoning for additional GP though

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Ive had this happen…:man_facepalming:

Winner! correct answer

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I honestly can’t see how this is a problem.

Yep, this is what I think happened.
What about the person who played solo? Does that person receive the MVP rewards too?

The game should award MVP after all individual bonuses are allotted, and not beforehand. Awarding MVP prematurely before all the individual bonuses are allotted makes this confusing.