MVP on winning team only

Hmm. So tell me this. The lowest scorer on the winning team goes 3-10 k/d. He goes up rank. The top scorer on the losing team goes 20-4 k/d and gets deranked. Now does this represent true rank skill??


Go tweet TC, your problem is with them.

I’ve posted it before. The ranking is meaningless because the algorithm doesn’t work. And just because someone else gained rank doesn’t mean you need to get upset.

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I completely disagree. Who’s the last person to win an MVP award on a losing team, in any sport?

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It rarely happens but it’s not unheard of. Just because you won doesn’t mean you gave the best performance.

Look at the pic the OP posted he should be MVP no one else in the game came close to his score

Right but best performance and most valuable player are two different things. If it was called “best performance” then yeah it makes no sense to have a lower score get the spotlight. But it is called most valuable player…as in who worked to support their team to a victory?


Well they would win if the team had more support. There’s only so much 1 person can do. If you have the best performance(not just kills/elims) than you are usually helping the team regardless of w/l .

Not in my experience. The MVP on a losing team tends to be a lone wolf who tries to do everything by their lonesome. So when the best play is to provide cover fire or let someone else go for power weapon while you flank, the MVPs I have seen are hyper bouncers who only go for kills.

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This would be a good argument IF TC had an algorithm to determine who was the most valuable player. But they don’t, they barely have a working ranked system for individual performance.

They are assuming the winning team’s highest scorer was the most valuable, but they might have been crap in terms of actual contribution to the win other than just sheer points. Maybe the 3rd place slot on the winning team was actually the most valuable. No way to know.

And it’s easy to see whether they are lone wolf or not… Just check the ring caps and breaks along with the elims and downs.

No I agree. The algorithm doesn’t work. I was arguing ideals.

Well with KoTH TC changing the scoring to 10 points for caps/breaks people stopped playing for the hill. Now with the higher scores fore breaks and caps a more rounded player will get more points.

It seems the only reason the MVP was changed was so TC stopped getting complaints about people losing points with an MVP instead of just actually fixing the ranking system

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My G, no matter what TC does, even if they gave $1000 cash to every Gears player, it would not reduce the amount of complaints.

1000 dollars you say?

If they can afford 1000 dollars to every gears player than surely they could afford a special mvp plaque for me.

I intend to complain about this if they send 1000 dollars

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Haha, anyone remember Lionel Messi getting the MVP Golden Ball in the 2014 World Cup, just after his team lost the final to Germany? The look on his face and his body language were priceless, hahahaha

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it’s like YouTube. They don’t just give you a plaque, you have to order one.

How much for 1 clevens.

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I’ll trade you 1 vintage Joe Graf

Such a dumb decision lol Ive done been robbed of MVP a few times now with this change.

Throw in a slice of pepperoni and you got a hot deal.

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probably got sick of all the “I got MVP but lost points” posts everywhere.

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