MVP on winning team only

I liked original MVP. I was MVP many times on KotH because I was in the ring almost 90% of the time, so when I lose I could lose with honor and style being the MVP :laughing:

Now I don’t play much multiplayer and I can’t be MVP because of the decrease on points for taking/breaking the ring, It doesn’t matter anyway,


It’s garbage change that they slid into the update because they knew people would respond the exact way that they are for the most part.

Honestly, the only redeeming thing I could do when the horrid matchmaking pairs me with a bunch of players that are fresh out of Bootcamp was to steal MVP from the opposing stack. Winning team already receives basically everything else. If I beat them out for points while my team gets mauled that ribbon is rightfully mine.

Like many things introduced in Operation 3 this needs a revert sooner rather than later.

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This is awesome, makes people play the objective more


Made a thread on this too,

Change doesn’t make sense.


why do you always take ■■■■ out of context… you copy and paste what I say into your own post to somehow disrespect me for no reason. You focus me all the time and don’t leave me alone. Then you act like it’s perfectly ok. Just go away dude. You made your point. When I said “I get MVP in any game” How bout next time you finish the sentence instead of cutting it off eh? The sentence finish’s off with “In any game regardless of losing or winning.” It means that when I get MVP in a game, I should get it regardless of losing or winning. Most seem to disagree with you anyways… like what is your problem? Actually, don’t answer that…

Yeah i was mvp on the losing team in rank but had only the top winner team get it. ■■■■■ is this, handing out mvp participating awarded players.?:joy:

Bc mostly in life…its just not about winning. But how hard you put effort the most trying should you be awarded.

Ohhhhhhh shots fired!!!

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That’s already the case with having eliminations though.

Haha that hilarious.

Hmm, I’ll look more into it, i noticed different MVPs recently also but i don’t think it’s for winning team only, both my partners and i were on losing teams and we got MVPs different times and we were both in 2nd place for our team, but we noticed our we have good average of elminations, caps and breaks and not just many eliminations or many caps.

There was another time also in GridIron i got MVP twice, our team won, but i wasn’t in first place ,i was in 2nd place , my friend that leaded the scoreboard had many elminations and no touchdowns while i had Touchdowns included in my score along with eliminations.

I’ll pay more attention to this from now on @AliceInChainsaw , maybe next time we do some KOTH together ,we’ll figure it out.

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I don’t see what the big deal is. You still know you were the best in the lobby, do you really need a ribbon (that you can’t show to anybody else anyways) to tell you that?

Or am I missing something?

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I know Siege does this, but only because they give the winning team a +3000 score bonus for winning, guaranteeing a victory even if you went 7 for 4 and the top on the enemy team went 12 for 1.

But now it Gears–it always used to go to highest score, that was always my inspiration to play “one more game,” was the fact that I was so close, and that I had beaten their entire team–a personal victory if you will.

I feel like we’re complaining about the wrong things. If they fixed the servers or whatever so it’s a legit online experience I feel like everyone would be happier, and then we could see who the real mvp’s are. I’m tired of this super high or low ping controlling the lobby cause they sponge everything nah mean.

TC is constantly trying to please the low-caliber players to make them feel happy.

It’s like kids nowadays in school. No one fails, everyone gets a star, even if you have no idea what you’re doing.

MVP has always been MVP.

It doesn’t matter what industry, what team your on.

It strictly comes down to performance.

If one player did better than everyone else, they deserve the MVP spot.

Honestly… this was a stupid decision.


It saves me the effort of pointing out the real mvp in global chat when I get MVP on the winning team but was clearly not the best player in that game.

It’s a respect thing.

Right but there is an argument to be made that the highest score in the game but on the losing team is not the most valuable player.

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Performance? Like being tops on a losing team just to get deranked?

Tbh, I don’t really care too much about it. It’d be cool to still get the ribbon if you were the highest performer though, like how it is in FFA if you come close but lose because you got some kills taken.

But even that is still just brownie points.