MVP on winning team only

So, what’s the deal with MVP showing only for winning team?

Is it because people were complaining about losing points when they were MVP of the game? If so, was TC’s solution to just change the visual so that only the winning team can have the MVP and thus the MVP won’t lose points any longer?

Perhaps they should change the title as well to something more fitting - or just can the title altogether. It doesn’t seem sensible at all. I would have loved to be in the room when the bright egg that came up with that golden idea opened his mouth to relay it to the rest of the chuckleheads.

I’m just curious, by TC’s standards - who was the MVP of this game?


interesting. I never noticed this. I always get MVP, If I’m MVP… I have never not gotten it just because I was on losing team… Maybe a glitch for you? I have no clue man. This should get fixed though… MVP shouldn’t be limited to the winning team.

This isn’t a glitch, TC changed this for OP3.


well that’s… just wrong… why? MVP is based around someones high performance… regardless of winner or loser… I get MVP in any game regardless of losing if I have the highest MMR, or score.


You would have to ask TC. I have no idea what that change was made. My personal opinion is that MVP should be the highest scorer, regardless of whether their team wins, loses or draws.


You got stuck with an amazing team lol

It’s too bad they didn’t have an mvp to save the day for them. :smiley:



Yep, next time you lose a match take a gander at who shows up MVP.


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Gene Wilder is always MVP.

I’m fine with this change. I think MVP should go to a person who carried their team to victory.


They should change the title then to include winning team. If we are talking MVP of the game itself, as it’s always been, it’s a bit misleading.

Perhaps I’m being persnickety.

Basically the reason why it bugs me are:
A. Having someone on the enemy team act like a toxic hot shot in global… When you’ve destroyed their entire team.

B. Being the winning team and getting this fake mvp and having the other team be toxic ■■■ hats about it and all you can say is ‘I didn’t make the change…’

I usually try to pre-emptive type in ‘so and so the real mvp’ in that scenario…


Na man the MVP in any sport always has the best performance win or lose. Changing this so people don’t complain about losing points as MVP is just a sad excuse for TCs ranking system

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@ll_R_E_D_l This isn’t a sport

@AliceInChainsaw Yes. Show the entire winning team with winner MVP in the center after match ends.


Anything competitive*

Sorry I had to be very specific for you

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I’d be fine with that, something that centers the winning team.

It just looks erroneous as it is currently.


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This is consistent with other changes TC has done in the past. At the early stages of flash mania complaints, TC made a subtle yet impactful change by simply requiring a manual input from the player. Most people forgot to select grenade every match thus “fixing” flash mania.

MVP losing points? Option A: major rank system fix or B: you cannot be MVP if you lose.

I cannot consider it a fix but I cannot deny they found an elegant way to please the crowd. The way they handled Nvidia crashes in G4 came to mind, swept under the rug until they eventually forget there was a problem in the first place.

I think I’d swap in a different word for ‘elegant’.

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Given the % of players reading the fine print and staying up to date I’m guessing the majority of players won’t be able to tell the difference and will assume TC fixed it. Maybe “smart” would be more accurate.

MVP should be reserved for the winning team. Why put the spotlight on a player who lost?lol

Will stop players who play for solo glory at the expense of the team. Now players can’t just ignore game objectives but stack up kills to show how good they are with an MVP performance,

The best scoring player on the winning team? Now THATS an MVP.