MVP now goes to highest scoring player on either side

Just finished a quickplay KotH match, and we won by a narrow margin. However, the losing team’s top player had the most points out of everyone in the match, and they got awarded MVP. As you will know, since I think OP3, MVP has gone to the highest scoring player on the winning side. But now it appears to have reverted to how it was when the game launched and through OP2.

I’m happy with this although after an evening of getting my ■■■ kicked, I was disappointed that I wasn’t MVP during the one match we actually won!

Anyone know how long this MVP revert has been in place?

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I noticed it after OP4 was released.

Now that they decided to give ranked a revamp, there was no reason not to give the MVP to the top score.

This is only in Social. MVP still only goes to top of the winning team in ranked. Strange how Social has a better set-up.

:blush: I did enjoy chainsawing you both.

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Why you little…!

Well played. I don’t want to make any excuses for the loss, but I feel like sometimes the connection is “with me” and other times it is “against me” - i think I am a reasonably good player but some nights it is like the opposition are half a second ahead of me on every shot. It is strange how it can change seemingly game to game or even based on one player joining or leaving.

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But the MVP on the winning team technically finished with a higher score due to the 150 GP win bonus. :yum:

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That’s because the winning team gets extra GP. So their top scorer will probably overtake you.

EDIT: Typed immediately after seeing this. Didn’t see the post already explaining this.