MVP is meaningless after operation 4

Average players get MvP now because after hitting your targets which are so easy by the way! No one can create a gap at the top of the leaderboard to show who played well in the game I see the best player on the team come bottom even when they did most for the team and slayed With big plays? Average players and top players rank up at the same pace from bronze to onyx and the new leaderboards look horrible at the end of the games with no distinction of who played the best? Getting 20000 points in a game used to mean something and now everyone just gets around 200 and it looks and feels meaningless just like MVP is meaningless now,


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I was wondering if MvP was meaningful in PvE when it was always JD but I see you talking Onyx and know that doesn’t apply to this post.

Yessir it is. I played a match yesterday and a person I teamed with - he went for 66 elims, 18 caps, 1/2 breaks and MVP went to our other squad mate who got 40 elims, 10 caps, and 5 breaks. :rofl:

It’s really just about hitting the marks and winning for now.

My friend sent me two screenshots as an example of how terrible this system is. I’ve had really ridiculous examples myself but these are terrible.


The problem with current GP system is that it doesn’t effectively evaluate how well a person is playing. Eliminations are too easy to earn, a less skilled player can earn points quickly by farming assists. Also a skilled player with lots of kills and objective based points can have their performance marginalized due to the GP caps.



My buddy who never really ever came close to my score before this new system; typically ends up above or 1/2 GP below me.

Over the last week; I am at 60-75 GP by the end of the first round on average. One game yesterday I had 82 points after the first round, next closest teammate was in the 40s.

I look forward to new changes for or after this pre-season in hopes of widening the score gap. Pretty uninspiring scoreboard any way I look at it IMO.


Another user suggested reverting back to the system from Gears 4 (and earlier titles) and converting earned points to GP. In a competitive, ranked game, players should be earning points based on kills, assists, revives, downs and objective play. All the previously mentioned aspects of play factor into determining how well a person is playing and how skilled of a player they are. The current GP system doesn’t accurately or fairly assess how Gears 5 is played.


The game is trash after op 4. They ruined it.

Too few gp parameters. And it should been a seperate column from Score.

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MVP has always been meaningless.

Can’t be MVP without your team. Think about that.

Why not give recognition to a support player?

I mean if you’re a real “insert rank” player it’s blatantly obvious on the battle field.

I see absolutely nothing wrong with the ranking system. They should keep it the same since you lose the entry fee is ridiculous high. & at diamond if you go insane but lose it’s meaningless.

My point. A gold, onyx, diamond, or master player will show their value.

I have a gold friend who knows every rotation in king & guides me when we play. She even is already set up. Its truly helpful for me, as a dunce master player who knows absolutely nothing about rotations. In sweat battles she’s guiding me. That’s truly valuable.

I don’t want to take anything away from these players. I don’t care about “recognition” I don’t play for that.

You can’t win high level matches if you’re not good either. Sure a little carry here & there but it takes skill to climb because nobody plays to lose. & if you lose it severely impacts you, especially at higher levels.

Like I lost a match with 2 quitters at the get go. Only got like 40 points because it was 3v5 the entire game. At diamond level I lose a f*** load of points. Had to play 3 games to make it up & at that level no win is an easy win. Always sweating unless someone quits or afk.


Imma push back on this a little bit…

So generally I agree with you about MVP being pretty meaningless, and you’re only as strong as your team. Now, with that said, I am getting outscored by friends who are neither support or CQC players. They are either new to the game, or just objectively not as skilled. For example, my brother started playing Gears 5 for the first time a couple weeks ago, since then he’s maybe played 3-4 times. He played some Gears 4, but never really got higher than silver.
Now he for sure has improved even since he started just a couple weeks ago, and it wouldn’t surprise me if he starts outslaying me sometime in the future. But with that said, objectivly speaking, he shouldn’t be outscoring me at this point. He has neither the game IQ to be a support player, or the Gnsahser skill to be a slayer. These are things that need time to develop.
At one point he said “This point system is so stupid. I’m literally letting the enemy cap so I can break and get more points, cuz i’ve maxed out on caps and kills”


Yeah, I kind of agree with this. I’m seeking quite a few KOH matches where the guy who is carrying the team (major slaying) gets 3rd or 4th place. It’s happened to me a few times. Slaying does make it easier to hold the hill so you can’t discount that, even though it isn’t the primary goal. At the end of the match , everyone has pretty much the same score within a few points of each other. So it isn’t any indicator of who is carrying the load. I like the idea of the new ranking system but I think they need to raise the caps, or change the scoring a bit (2pts for a kill, 1 point for an assist?) How is a guy getting 120 Eliminations, and the next closet teammate has 75 , NOT be the MVP? MVP is fake most of the time.

this sums is up. 110 Eliminations, 34 downs (which shows he’s dealing some damage) and 26 caps and 3rd place ? cmon.

just raise the caps or make 2pts for the kill and 1pt for the assist.

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Get rid of stupid Eliminations. I said this from day one. It is a dumb system that makes the game too easy and actually causes issues. This is especially true in the current Ranking system that only uses GP and not the actual breakdown of points.

Bring back Kills, Assists, and Deaths.

Kills = 2 GPs / Cap is 100
Assists = 1 GPs / Cap is 60
Caps = 1 GPs / Cap is 20
Breaks = 1 GPs / Cap is 20

Max Points = 200 GPs

(Caps can be adjusted accordingly, for example Kills can get bumped to 120 and Assists dropped to 40, etc.)

This should allow for an actual distinction in individual play since getting a Kill is a lot more difficult that getting a stupid Elimination. And this way support players can still get rewarded for Assists, just less. I think this would solve a lot of the issues ppl are having with the current system.

@TC_Sera - Would appreciate it if this could be passed along. Thx.


I like the idea of Kills , assists and Deaths. Back when I played Halo 4, that was how they kept the stats, which I liked personally. I’d raise your cap on CAPS and BREAKS though, as this is the real objective, not kills. If you can get 27 or 28 CAPS then you should get points for it.

I also like your idea with caps are higher and maxed out at 200 GP .This way if you have a very strong performance on a losing team you can still gain GP.

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Thanks. Yeah Gears just works better with the classic Kills, Assists, Deaths. The Elimination system has some benefits (kill stealing), but overall it is much worse and less rewarding IMO.

As for the caps, yeah that was just an example but it can be adjusted. The key change was separating Kills and Assists to actually create a distinction between individual players. You shouldn’t get the same reward for an actual Kill vs shooting a few bullets into someone.


Damage done
Time capped

How qiuck the team wins the match.

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You don’t think you’re carrying your bro?

I mean without you he surely wouldn’t be winning or getting MVP.

I think the ranks will settle itself. Like a diamond player will win no matter the team , usually, but other players can only win with certain people.

Sometimes they’re not always on so eventually they’ll go to the appropriate rank.

Pretty sure they know you slayed for them. Only way is to face better opponents & fail.

Maybe the rankings should be up to 4,000 & not 2,000 but I would say it settles in the end.

But I respect your view point. Happened to me where my friends suddenly start getting mvp but If they love it so do I.

I agree there can be more improvements.

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My friend and I both miss the ability to get MVP on the losing team.

ok, lets just remove it.

all it’s ever done is create sour players and whining. it’s pretty clear Gears player stand seeing someone else get MVP.

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