MVP in unfavored match win = de-rank?

I’ve been a long time proponent of Gears 4 rank system as being as accurate as it can be and assumed Gears 5 to be the same, until now.

@TC_Octus or anyone else at coalition really needs to clarify how placement is calculated. Is it based purely on leader boards? If so this brings on further questions and begs the question of why that data isn’t inclusive in the match results.

I’ve also sent the data via Twitter.

Match details:
Solo queue
Unfavored to win
Won the match
No quitters

I lost nearly 10% rank.

The only way I could have done ‘better’ would have been more kills… More caps… More points… But to what measurable end?

Why were there negative points for rounds 2 and 3? What was that pulled from? If someone on leader board outperforms my total skill points… Fine, okay… But why am I personally losing my own total skill points for dominating that unfavored match and pulling through with a win as a team?


I’m just done with the game at this point.

I was sticking it out, suffering through all the sponging, hits not doing damage, ridiculous ranking system, etc etc and then I decided to play horde today.

Guess what happened? The ■■■■■■■ game locked up my entire pc and ended up with a BSOD. I joined again and after a while it did it again.

I’ve been playing on this pc since launch and have made no hardware or software changes since.

This Nvidia crash ■■■■ was never fixed in gears 4 and I don’t have the patience to wait around for it never to be fixed in 5.

I’m just extremely disappointed. I intended on playing this game for years, but it’s just an extreme test of patience.

I know that no one cares, so I’ll let the door hit me on the way out


Lol ranking system is more messed up than combat/movement bro.

I literally went like 18-8 in an execution with MVP, and we lost 5-4. Somehow still ended up losing 73 points :joy:

With your match, since it was a loss, it is hard to know as I’m assuming it is still taking previous matches into account to calculate your movement. So we’d have to know those details.

That being said, had you won the match… I’d be curious to see if you still went down.

Far as I know if you win. Especially as MVP… The worst that should happen is no movement.

I’m assuming you don’t have a screenshot of the scoreboard? You definitely lose rank if you don’t dominate the noobs. Getting killed by them more than you should and not killing them enough is a way to derank. I’d ignore objectives all together when discussing rank.

So to what measurable end? Well, the ranking system is what measures how many kills/deaths you should get against them.

As you know, the answer is to just get more kills and/or less deaths, perhaps even against specific opponents within the match. Don’t let a noob put you on swords . I don’t think that’s a bad answer.

Now I’m not saying your negative points were earned. I can’t see the scoreboard, so I can’t make any assumptions and I know you’re well above an Onyx 3 player. Just making some general statements and I haven’t lost points whenever I solo or duo queue.


I know it looks like it would be ‘hard to say’ whether losing 73 points is fair or not just cause i lost the game having good stats… but from experience by tracking my rank most games during gears 4… I can confirm even if i lost games but did well, my percentage would easily increase

I wish I had been able to grab board… I assumed it was available in match results but unfortunately that didn’t end up being the case.


I never went up from losing a game in gears 4. It was very regular to lose games and not move though. (until the next win).

That’s what made the grind, solo q and dominating the match as MVP but no movement because of losses (usually quitters). It’d take 20 games to finally get 6 wins, no loss in % the whole time.

Hence, my confusion with gears 5 now.

Lol yeah either way gears 5 has a completely different system :sweat_smile:

Edit: Like just now, lost another game but completely obliterated the opponents (mvp ofc). Went up 200 points

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This happened to me on earlier ranks, silver and gold. Losing but still moving up with mvp

Onyx started to crunch down differently which was fine as I expect it to be much more difficult… But then this match in O3 occurred (original post topic) and I’m scratching my head.

Do y’all know if you can get de-rank, get dropped to a lower rank?

Or does it lock you in at your highest rank?

Can you drop from onyx 1 to gold 3 or do you just remain onxy1 100%??

Wait till you make diamond and then master

It is extremely harsh lol

Either you go absolutely perfect or you drop

I like that full teams don’t equal getting carried to rank, full teams dont get easy ranking pts since they are favored and what not.

For us solo players, it can be easier to move up but at the same time what are we supposed to do after we do everything for the team?

Worst i’ve had is a drop to 100%. No actual de-rank to a lower tier.

Do you mean it’s worse than gears 4? Because I lost many games in D4 and never went down % at all.

Solo will be very tough if placement is based on leaderboards for that reason - there is only so much you can do as 1 man on your team.

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ah ok, thank you

so it does lock you at your highest rank

keep grinding until a fix/update

Well, it could drop you tiers… i just haven’t experienced it. I’ve lost a match and gone to 100% but I didn’t lose the next one.

Quitters are still a gdamn plague though.

if you don’t get a quitter

you get a walker or a chainsawer

past couple of days, i don’t think i have played a fair game

then if you play with a team…it doesn’t find a match

dammed if you do, dammed if you dont

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@GhostofDelta2 can you combine these threads? Otherwise i’ll need a refund on my forum fees.

If the enemy team quits out, you get rewarded with lost points/percentages.

That’s a high incentive to continue playing the match?

Among other oddities, this is another nuisance.

@TC_Octus - TC really needs to explain how ranked is supposed to work…



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I honestly think there is something wrong with the way they calculate whom is favored. I think total score doesn’t matter or eliminations. It might just be a K/D thing. I been on some really bad random teams and lost 2-0 only to see that we were heavily favored to win. A couple of those matches I was shocked to see I gained tier points. Keep bringing it up on Twitter I don’t think they pay much attention to there own forums. At least I seen Octus reply to some about this issue, even though it was a text book reply.

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Yep yep,

And maybe there isn’t anything wrong but it just isn’t transparent enough to understand. I’ll keep posting personal findings here and keep messaging on twitter. They used to be responsive on Twitter.

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I rank up even when I lose on gears 5 now?
Sure seems that way