MVP in KOTH. Why me?

Why in ranked KOTH did I just get MVP when I had 5 fewer caps, 27 fewer eliminations, and one more break than the next “best” player on my winning team?
I got MVP in another match too and was surprised.

Wait, I think I got it. Kills and caps are maxed, so that one extra break did it. Seems odd. I feel like I should get credit for making an effort to get caps and breaks, but I feel like I’m ranked up higher than ever before, which is great and making it fun to play, but idk, seems unfair? I’m not a very good player and I’m high gold, which is still technically just below average.


It is a work in progress and based on current feedback they will be tweaking it.


Besides the whole MvP thing. If your winning consistently and doing your thing don’t feel guilty about your rank. Your contributing to that win. That’s your rank under this system. You’ll plateau eventually. Tweaks are coming elims will only be worth 1gp. But if your winning your winning nothing unfair about that Dub.


I’m stuck at gold because of this rank system (lose 75 percent of games). I consider myself a decent player. Was diamond 4 koth on gears 4 and was diamond in koth before this update but majority of the time I’m top player by a good margin on losing team haha


Who cares. You earned that MVP. Obviously couldn’t have won without you since you put in all the work it takes to win.

Everyone knows who did what, believe me.

I say let others shine. Why not? It’s just a game.

Don’t see the big deal in letting support players have their moment. Especially since it doesn’t matter.

Much rather have a support player have their spotlight than lose & negative 170 points!


Your honestly is admirable.

The new system definitely awards “lesser” players, no offence of course, as long as they reach the max points. I’m not saying you didn’t do well but if what you’re saying is true about the other player then points-wise they would be MVP.

Take this for example;

Despite me having the most Eliminations, and downs despite it being irrelevant, I simply lacked maxing Breaks and it placed me a lot lower on the final scoreboard. It’s very likely that if it was still score-based I’d either have MVP or a very close second.

Perhaps with the Elimination’s GP points reduced to 1 per kill later on today it’ll make a difference but we’ll see.

Otherwise, MVP doesn’t really mean Most Valued Player, more Most Valiant Points.


True story, but way back in 2007 it took me months before I found out what MVP stood for. In the UK we tend to use the term “man of the match” in sports. :smiley:


Eh tbh MVP never really meant anything to start with. There are so many elements to what makes a player “valuable” that its hard to quantify in just one person

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Haha I know, I’m from that colourful little island myself, remember :joy:

Oh, I could only imagine the amount of threads complaining about “Man of the Match” if it was the name.

I hear you but fear not! There are some of us that acknowledge and appreciate what your big red nose brings to the battlefield!

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It’s nice to be recognized. Oft my talent goes unappreciated


Not today.


“27 fewer Elims” doesn’t mean much since Elims can range from a full Kill, major Assist, to literally nothing.

So you may have done more overall which earned you the MVP. TC can clarify this easily by adding back the points column.

This is also why Elims need to go. They suck.


And I’m (op) a woman! (In response to the Man of the Match comments)


@Bleeding_Pepper Precisely my point.

Anyhoo it was a joke that, hypothetically speaking, in today’s world there would be numerous PC threads regarding MVP if it was named “Man of the Match”. That’s all. Not intended to cause offence.


I had a really strange MVP situation about a week ago. I’ll post it below.

So for some reason on the MVP screen it showed my character but my friends name as MVP.

Also it put me below him on the scoreboard, i don’t know if it’s because he was party leader or if it’s random as we had the same amount of GP at the end. Just really odd and happens quite often, it needs fixing TC.

Yeah MVP doesn’t correspond to the best player or the player who performed the best in the match anymore.

I’ve had someone snatch MVP from me with only 42 Eliminations, despite the fact i had 127 Eliminations.
He had 8 breaks and i had 7 at the end of the match so he got MVP :man_facepalming:
I don’t think that a single break more was equivalent to the extra 85 Eliminations i had on him lmao.


Well technically humanity is sometimes also referred to as ‘mankind’ so if someone said ‘the man of the match’ it could technically be referring to either man or woman…

Though it does sound weird so MVP is probably more fitting. It sure as hell would be odd if Cole in the Campaign when you run into your first Scion armed with a Salvo said “Here comes their man of the match” rather than “Here comes their MVP”.

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When you get players undeserving of the MVP admitting this crap🤷🤷🤷

Yes, I agree, technically speaking.

I prefer MVP, it just suits Gears so much better. This isn’t FIFA. It’s also much better to say, as oppose to “MotM”.

That’s strange how your friend was above you on the scoreboard since, besides from Breaks, you have a greater number in all columns.

Haha, precisely my point! This is what we’re up against with this system. You go through the absolute carnage slaughtering 85 extra people, blood and guts everywhere, while he just goes all KAMIKAZE! into the enemy’s ring for the MVP.


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