MVP ..... But Not MVP?

It seems no one at TC has played or watched any type of team sports before.

There are plenty of great players on sh^tty teams. Does their personal rank go down when the team loses, no it doesnt. Ive always said the that rank should be valued more off of performance than win/loss not the other way around


But then you get people complaining they went down on points “when they won”. Amongst other things. I suspect it’s part of why the win is now weighed so heavily in the ranking system.

Not that it bothers me since I don’t play Versus but I was observing complaints about the ranking.

People are gonna complain no matter what. But at the end of the day its a personal rank not a team rank and performance should be the most important. And if you are the MVP on a losing team you should still gain points. I would say you should gain more because you performed better than anyone else even though you lost

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:man_facepalming: This is so messed up.

I was looking forward to coming back to Gears 5 when operation 3 dropped after some time a way, the flash bang changes won we back.

I haven’t had a chance to jump on yet, I have read a lot of threads with most people reactions saying this isn’t what I hoped for.

Now this what sort of game is this when MVP doesn’t mean MVP!?!

Win or lose MVP is player not team


I just noticed it too. They must have changed it to where the mvp goes to the best player on the winning team.

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The 80/20 should be 80% of points for PERSONAL rank should be based on PERSONAL performance.

If you’re doing well, you’re no doubt helping the team win.

So if the team can pull weight,

Then a 20% boost for winning the match is extra incentive for sure.

That’s how it should be.

Not get over 120 Elims, MVP, most caps, kills, breaks, points by a long mile, only to lose 1 round or 2 because of team and then lose so many points!!

I mean,

How does that make sense???


this better be a bug/glitch!

i have gotten so many mvps on the losing team, so this would be an infuriating change.

specially now that the MVP gets his own screen to show banner and do an emote - not that i do that but wtf!

this better be a mistake!!!

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that is so stupid

like, i dont even care about MVP but why the change? no no no

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A bit late to the party, but that’s me just noticing this.

Who on earth would authorise this change? They clearly have a severe mental disability.

This is one of the worst things I’ve heard in a while, it’s seriously disgusting.

They better get it changed. It was always a little bit of “compensation” when you lost a match yet still got MVP.

To basically declare someone the most valued player when they were second best, or worse, is just moronic on a majorly high level. Very high indeed.

I need to log out for a while after reading this.




Just don’t know who thinks of this.


In Versus A.I., one of the A.I. player was the MVP. :upside_down_face:



I want that bot on my team rather than some of the Randoms who the game likes to throw onto mine.


This is not going to happen unless they make a different ranking system for each mode. Don’t know if they already do this or not.

A ranking system for an objective type game does not work for a death match type game because in an objective type game deaths don’t count against a person as much when determining thier performance especially if a player is attacking and defending the objective.

Right now in TDM some guy that goes running crazy and trades every kill is ranked higher than a player that only died 3 times but got 6 kills because it’s all about points on the scoreboard. This is why wins should count much more than personal performance in our current system.

The issue high level players have with this is with the matchmaking putting low skilled players with high skilled players to make teams of randoms. It’s not the ranking systems fault that all the masters and diamonds are afraid to lose their rank so they make an alt account to play against low level players to make them feel good about themselves.

If they would ban alternate accounts some how plus change things so that deaths actually matter to your rank and let me stay on one server with a consistent connection then I would not have any issue with personal performance ranking.

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Deaths always matter.

Even in objective type games.

If you’re dying, then you’re not efficiently playing.


Deja vu with you and Redfox lmaoooo


But the guy that is trading kills in TDM is higher ranked because hes on the winning team

People get carried to higher ranks that shouldnt be in said ranks with the w/l system we have now

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Not only because he wins. I know this because when I go do this in TDM and die 15 times but get 15 eliminations I have ranked up on a loss but many rounds where I die 2 or 3 times but only get 4 to 6 kills I lose 600 plus points. This should never happen in a game type where deaths actually count towards losing the game.

But theres still people being carried to ranks they have no right being in because of the w/l heavy rank system

A ranked system for individuals should always lean more towards performance than w/l

Your right if they actually matched people based on skill. The way it happens now the system finds whatever random skill points add up close to this teams number which can be a skill range from masters all the way down to bronze.

If the room is full of a bunch of different skill ranges should those lower level players that got f’ed to make up the difference between two high level teams loose rank because the game put them in a lobby they should not have been in the first place.

For you it would be ok to get deranked because you where put up against a team of masters and diamonds with that one silver player that causes their team skill average to drop down enough to match their team against 1 master and 4 silver 3 randoms, if you are on the loosing end of that matchup and get destroyed by the 4 higher skilled players.