MVP ..... But Not MVP?


Apologies if I missed this change, someone already posted about it or if it was meant to go into a different topic, but,

Did MVPs change?

I played a game,


But I got the highest points.


I didn’t get MVP.

The other team, the person with the most on that side, got MVP.

Was this a glitch/bug or intended?

Never ever happened before.


probably just messed up like the rest of the game at the moment


I once got MVP in FFA when I was 3rd place, it was epic


Played yesterday my team mate got MVP, but was around 2000 off the top player on the losing team ?

Something is off certainly.


Hmmm, how very odd.

I got mvp yesterday and I too believe something is messed up somewhere as I havnt booted the game in months :thinking:

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I thought it was a bug but then I remembered TC’s track history of “fixing” things which don’t need to be fixed.

I think it’s because people are complaining about getting MVP and it not translating well to the rank system so they’ve decided to give MVP to whoever comes top of the winning team rather than whoever has most points in the match.

A joke.


I thought that would be the case.

There’s been times when I’ve had well over 100, 120+ Elims but lost as my team have 20-50.

Giving MVP to someone with far less is just stupid.

Should be renamed:


“Most Valuable Player Of The Winning Team”


Sometimes you could sneak an MVP when you have a quitter. Now I see no reason to stay at all if someone quits.

Playing against a stacked team, not much chance of MVP.

Punished for having bad teammates as if losing the match wasn’t enough to begin with. Especially with this matchmaking system. You only need one bad teammate on KOTH and it’s pretty much game over against anyone competent.


Exactly this,

At least getting MVP from a Loss should help you stay positive on points.

It shows that it was the team who couldn’t keep up.

The matchmaking is god awful.

Yesterday took 10 mins to find a KOTH game.

That’s as a 2.

Can’t even stack because more players, longer wait times.

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I can confirm your issue @III_EnVii_III This happened yesterday for me as well.

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Ah ok,

Guess it was a change then,

Literally makes no sense.

I do agree with you. Because it says Most valuable player
The winning team´s highest scoring player

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Be careful,

You’re speaking too much sense right now.

This game is seriously backwards and I hated it yesterday, more than in a long time.

I once got MVP, where all the other 9 players got kicked out at the beginning of that match, it was epic as well.


Oh hey, I think I was in that match, lol.

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I do not understand how TC works.
But it seems like they need allot of testosterone pills.
Maybe they will be able to make a gory fast past shooter action game.
Otherwise i think The DOOM devs should be forced into their development team.

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They need to settle on a Tuning after extensive testing - it’s why we should have have a month long beta.

Friday to Monday.

Gather data, test,

Another Friday to Monday.

And so on.

But it didn’t happen,


Left with a game that keeps changing.

One thing right, ten things wrong.

Yeah , that happen to me in a game of Gridiron . I just assumed they changed it so that the MVP was always on the winning team, so it was whatever.

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I got mvp on gridiron for a match that dissolved.

We also got the shutout achievement.

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