Muted enemies - Main thread

itt: post clips of enemies being all sneaky-peaky. @TC_Shauny @TC_MichaelAOS

2nd and 3rd clip aren’t perfect but should still showcase the issue.

Bonusclip of a Mulcher Scion who played with one of the devs when they still handed out the exection:


Surely if TC’s employees played horde enough they would have experienced it at least once. Same with other bugs which have been present since launch.


The first Clip…after I rejoin…I can Heard the Sound from Matriarch…and

You Three Guys can Use the In-text while mine one was being Silent 100% of the Time :joy:

The Second Clip is the same as the First Clip because your Sound from Matriarch is Bugged that need to Restart the Game.

The Third Clip is Missing the “Waahaaaaaa” Screaming Sound from the Sire, same as I.

I play a lot and I’ve never experienced these. Still weird, though.

edit: I’ve gone and tried to repro the Matriarch on River one and it didn’t work for me, so at least I guess we can rule out buggy sound occluders on maps. Honestly it feels like the cause of this happens much earlier.

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I think it happens more often than we think. It seems to be a bug which can affect any enemy type. Yesterday I had a silent pouncer on Abyss but I killed it so quickly that if I was playing with others on Comm I wouldn’t have noticed it.

Another bug which has been here since launch is Ghost Melee which I have noticed a ton because I have maxed Striker/Grace and nearly maxed Protector/Emile back to back.


I came across a silent Sire today in Escape.

Annoyingly it was on The End, and guess what? It got stuck underneath the helipad. Normally when this happens with an enemy you can hear it move around underneath and you can work out where it is fairly easily by footsteps and voice effects, but not this frigger! It took a while before we spotted it and killed it.

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Ohh, silent enemies, silent mechanic’s turret: happens all the time, dont even pay attention to it anymore, it is so common for me…

Even Pipe Drones were muted yesterday. If this continues spreading there won’t be any audio anymore at some point.