Mutators in online horde matches?

hey guys I been thinking when you find yourself overrun by the horde the game should spawn a more powerful larger weapon to handle them and a mutator at the beginning right

Mutators in general would be a great idea to come back in Gears 5. But it definitely won’t be in Gears 4

Maybe as Private Horde option.

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Dropshot is powerful enough already.

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I’ll be ok with that if they create another difficulty, Horde right now is easy enough.

Yeah because of the wall of sentries, turrets, barriers and decoys…oh wait, that’s how I play…sorry for the confusion

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If it works for you that’s perfectly fine. I prefer lots of barriers and decoys with 2 sentries at the back of the base in case a guardian makes it through.


Hopefully that mistake will be corrected on 4.0.

How so? Limit how many sentries can be purchased?

Might be.

Remember Gears 3 horde?

Mutators who makes horde harder would be a great idea. Inconceivable has gone too easy when you sniper strike through boss waves. 50 insane without energy is a challange i like. Please more challanges like this!!